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Scholarships in Spain

Updated on April 19, 2012

Becas Estudio | Find your scholarship in Spain!

Congratulations, now, you know a site where you can find the grants you need to study! is a search engine for scholarships and grants for students so they can make real the dreams of continuing their studies or finish them in another country or continent. In spanish, these scholarships are called becas.

All information on Scholarships and Grants

You can find here all the financial aid for students in spain.

The scholarships listed on this site are categorized by both the student's country, such as destination, and even the subject of study, for example, degree, master's or bachelor. You can also find scholarships organized by the type of study, such as computer science or maths. Private grants also present in this website.

The service provided by this website is free and all information contained in it has been extracted from official sources such as the Ministry of Education and Science, or agencies that help students such as widely know Banco Santander. You can even find specific scholarships that are offered by companies such as Repsol.

And remember, we do not want to sell you anything on Just visit us and take a look at the grants you need!

How to use Becas Estudio to find scholarships in spain


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