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No Checks for Seasonal Worker

Updated on June 18, 2014

Should seasonal workers collect unemployment checks, when their work has ended for the summer? So many states across America are saying no.School Bus drivers, cafeteria works,life guards was once eligible for unemployment. Federal laws give each state the authority decide if seasonal worker be allow to receive benefits. many state are saying that there is no money, taking away the rights of these seasonal workers to be paid. About 15 states has restricted unemployment benefits who make most of their income working seasonal jobs.

Unemployment Insurances are benefits-given to employees who have lose their jobs without fault, seasonal workers are not the blame for their jobs being close doing the summer and winter months.

It's up to the state to decided the faith of seasonal worker. Bus drivers, crossing guard,janitors and cafeterias workers have been entitled to unemployment benefits in many states any time school is out of session.When school buses don't run and cafeterias don't open, workers are out until school open, is this fair to families who depends on their jobs to support their families?

Each State has their own rules about the eligibility and the amount of time an employee has to find work. It is a true fact that workers who work for the school department, can't draw unemployment doing summer break because of the static of their jobs.

In Massachusetts seasonal workers can't apply for any kind of benefits unless they are laid off.Mary has worked for 15 years in the school department depending on her check to survive. At her age it's almost impossible to find a job for two months, so she can pay her bills. I am looking for my lights and gas to go off because I can't find a summer job she said with tears in her eyes.This year so many of our programs close because of the economic and their no work for me.

There should be some exceptional for seasonal families who totally depends on their job and paycheck for survival.


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