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Save Your Hard Earned Cash on Clothing, Accessories, and Home Decor

Updated on January 25, 2013
Bracelet picked up at a garage sale for two dollars!
Bracelet picked up at a garage sale for two dollars!
Fun "Relic" sling across purse found at garage sale for a dollar!
Fun "Relic" sling across purse found at garage sale for a dollar!
Inside of "Relic" purse.
Inside of "Relic" purse.

Save Big at a Church Sale

At the end of summer my Mom took all of us kids to the church at the bottom of the hill to shop for school clothes. It was an incredible deal to shop there because you could fill a brown paper sack to the top with clothes for A-Dollar-A-BAG! This was the shopping event of the year for our family of six kids. I looked forward to it every time because it meant we were all getting a bunch of new clothes. New to us that is, we didn't care that someone had owned them before or wore them. It just didn't matter.

The church gymnasium was filled wall to wall with racks and tables full of clothes, shoes, purses, scarves and just about anything you'd want or need. My sisters and I would run from rack to rack and scan every table searching for one-of-a-kind items to make that perfect outfit.

It was mayhem in the dressing room because clothes were tossed everywhere. To us we were models back stage getting ready to walk the cat walk at a Paris fashion show. Vogue and Elle magazines were waiting to take our pictures and feature us in their next month’s issue. We'd try things on and prance around pretending to be models showing off our new clothes.

One of my favorite finds was a RED VELVET JACKET! It fit perfectly and was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't believe my luck. I wore it for years with dress pants and jeans until it lost its luster. I also came across a pair of red and white checked wide leg bell bottom pants sporting a three inch high waist band with little red buttons on it. The red jacket I'd found and these wild pants matched so well I got both. It was the 70's and bell bottoms were a major fashion trend at the time. Oh and to finish the outfit I found black platform shoes with a silver buckle. I really had it going on!

I remember each of us kids going home with at least two bags full of clothes. I felt like the luckiest girl in town and couldn't wait for school to start so I could wear all my new clothes.

Purse, Jacket and Scarf (All for under $20)
Purse, Jacket and Scarf (All for under $20)

Resale Savings are HUGE!

Over the years I've continued to primarily shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales and resale shops for my clothing and other items. To me it just makes good sense to do so. Instead of getting one top for fifteen dollars I can find ten tops for the same price with change left over. These stores often have half off certain color tag sales, and customer appreciation days making the deals even better. The local Goodwill has ALL CLOTHING priced at $1.23 one Friday a month no exceptions. How cool is that?

I've also found a wide variety of name brand clothes such as the Loft, Coldwater Creek, Aeropostale, Old Navy and Chico's at resale shops. Some of the clothes still have the original sales tags attached. Goodwill recently started separating out name brand clothes making it easier for customers to find them. It would've taken me hours to locate these same items in a shopping mall. Finding bargain's is easy and fun to do if you’re willing to look at a wide variety of styles.

Shopping at garage sales and resale and consignment shops not only saves you money on reduced clothing, home decor, books and more, but gas going to different stores that only sell a few styles and time spent searching for an item.

Following a Trend (Only $2)
Following a Trend (Only $2)
Used books for pennies!
Used books for pennies!

Resale & Consignment Shopping

More and more resale and consignment shops are opening up everyday. Why? Because people are not only looking for deals on clothes and other items but are concerned about our planet too. Perfectly good clothes and fashion accessories are readily available for great prices and your clothes can be something new for someone else. You'll get cash for your unwanted clothing if it's in good shape. Check out the links in this hub to see how it works.

Resale Shopping is GREEN

Not only have I found great deals on clothing at garage sales and resale stores but also; furniture, purses, craft supplies, lamps, vases, dishes, storage containers, table cloths, and books to name a few.

I recently bought four used books that are current titles for $4.29 tax included at Goodwill. If I'd purchased the same books at Target, Walmart or a Borders book store brand new I would've paid around $56.00 + tax. Our local library has several book sales a year and they do a grocery bag of books for a buck like the church did when I was growing up. You can't even get one paperback book for that these days.

Think about the energy and resources needed to make all the items brand new. Just one article of clothing goes through a lengthy and expensive process to finally get to you the consumer. It need to be designed, fabric made, sewn with buttons, snaps, and zippers, packaged and shipped by air, truck or boat to stores in your area. All these steps and more not listed here use valuable energy and resources from our planet.

Why buy everything brand new when other items just as good and sometimes even better already exist? If you've never shopped this way you'll be amazed at what’s available, how much money you can save and the positive impact your shopping habits have on the planet.


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    • Green Art profile imageAUTHOR

      Green Art 

      6 years ago

      I'm in the process of helping a good friend relocate her consignment shop to a larger space. She sells upscale resale children's clothing, antiques and some home decor. I make items for the store as a vendor and consign my grandsons clothing. If you have a favorite shop you that you have a good relationship with the owner. Find out what kinds of things she's looking for and see if you can buy them cheaply and resell them in the store for a lot more. Win win for both of you.

    • stephaniedas profile image

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      I'm a big fan of consignment shops. I made about $500 off them last year, and that paid some good bills for the month! Of course, now that I'm all cleaned out, I can't make any more money, but I still go to them to shop sometimes. Good topic for a hub!

    • Green Art profile imageAUTHOR

      Green Art 

      7 years ago

      Thanks Iris, its great you dropped by. Its wild to think about how our personal shopping habits impact our planet. Surprising isn't it?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I thought the hub was very useful. Nice photos. I see your point about saving resources.

    • Green Art profile imageAUTHOR

      Green Art 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by mkrandhawa and Deborah-Diane. Glad you liked the hub and found it useful too. Writing it brought back some fun memories of being with my sisters when we were all so young.

    • Deborah-Diane profile image


      7 years ago from Orange County, California

      Very practical ideas for back to school saving!

    • mkrandhawa profile image


      7 years ago from India

      great hub


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