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Scrap metal money maker

Updated on June 27, 2011

Scrap Metal surprise

A few weeks ago my hot water heater went out. So like anyone else I needed to purchase one. Being a home owner and a handy landlord . I installed myself (with a little help). I put the old hot water heater in front of my house until trash day I would drag it to curb ( I don't have a curb ) . My friend stop one day to see if I could list a few cars he had for sale on craigslist. He notice the the old hot water laying there and ask what are you going to do with that? I said ,through it out. He explain to me that why don't I take it to scrap metal place and get paid. What? paid,money? He continue to explain that he does it. I started to think about it I have and old refrig and a old washer in my rental property garage. Plus I can find I few things lying around. So one Saturday morning I prepared my 14 year old son that he needs to help with a few heavy scrap. My son and I got up early jumped in my pick up truck and picked up the refrig at the rental garage. Unfortunately no room for the washer. He came back to my home I live in. Pick up some old dump truck rims and a bumper. Took a 8 mile trip to scrap metal place. I made 47 dollars . Not bad. The next trip picked up the washer and a few other things. Took another trip made 35 dollars. Two hours of total work ,spent quality time with my teenage son .So ,look around you my have some scrap metal laying around. Call around to see what places will take it and for what price.



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