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Earn extra money by scrapping your old metal or wires. How-to guide

Updated on March 26, 2011

The Basics To Scrapping

Getting Started

First you want to get all the scrap metal and wires from around your house or business that is no longer of any use to you. Separate each type and then call around to different scrap yards so you make sure to get the best price for each type you have. Normally when you take your scrap in they will assist you on sorting out the metals you have. One good way to determine if your steel is stainless or regular is by taking a magnet to it. If the magnet barely sticks to the metal its stainless. Regular steel the magnet will stick to it very hard. a magnet will not stick to aluminum. Copper you can scratch with a knife and make sure it is solid copper. Now to determine if your wire is strippable cut the wire and look to see if each individual wire is wrapped, if not its most likely strippable which, pays about a dollar more than just insulated wire so its important to find out the difference. pretty much all extension cords are insulated wire. Your communication wire is like category-5 wire, regular phone jack wire and all network cable or monitor cords etc... which communication wire is around $1.00 per pound. so make sure your wire is separated properly to get the most out of it. Even motors out of blenders and drills and regular household items sell for 0.15 cents per pound. Pretty much everything with metal in it is scrappable. Just use your imagination when your looking for things to scrap.

Where can I locate Metal and Wire to scrap?

Well first off do not steal anything to scrap since the scrap yards keep records of who brings in what and what days, time etc.. the Metal or wires were brought in. So stay away from that type of scrapping people always get caught eventually no matter how careful you are. With that said some legal options are as follows; I put out fliers and pamphlets for free junk removal all over my hometown and surrounding cities. You can even charge a small amount to remove the scrap for them and add to your revenue. You wont always get loads of scrap doing that but more often than not it pays off everyday. Also when stores are moving or going out of business try to talk with the owner of the company or building, Most of the time they will not want to pack up the excess metal and wires all over and consider it a blessing if you would remove it for them and if you get a big store you can clear well over 2,000-4,000$. Also scrapping old junk cars works great. So many people have junk cars sitting out in there back yards and old car dealer ships. You can pick them up for next to nothing and most cars weigh enough to make it worthwhile. Although you have to remove the gas tank before you bring it to the yard. Make sure if the rims are aluminum you take them off and scrap them apart from the car, as they will not tell you to do it otherwise and you will get 0.15cents per pound for them instead of the 0.55cents for the aluminum. Also Make sure to take off the catalytic converter as it will net you between $40-$150. Old Boats that are aluminum are very good to scrap, but again you have to remove the gas tanks and lights etc.. but at 0.55 cents a pound its well worth while. Although some yards will give you aluminum breakage for old boats which makes it about the same price as steel. Just shop it around. Another good strategy is looking on craigslist for free stuff. A lot of times there will be free old water heaters, old radiators, bed frames, etc.. just use your imagination there is always plenty of ways to find scrap legaly you just have to apply yourself. You can make anywhere from 50$ a week extra just doing it a couple hours a week or full time you can pull in over a $1,000 easy. Once you get a feel for it.

Selling Scrap Metal On Ebay

All scrap metal has value, and people will only buy scrap for less than they can sell it or less than they can buy it elsewhere.

That being said, as yourself, "How many scrap yards are within driving distance of my home?" For most people they will say some number less than 13. When selling scrap metal on eBay, however, you are opening yourself up to a giant market: The Internet.

People who buy scrap online include those in a metal shop, middle men, artists, or investors. Some will be professional, some will be amateurs. The point is, they will often be willing to buy for more money than a scrap yard!

Here is a list of things you can sell online for more money than when you sell to a scrap yard:

* High Grade Computer Boards
* Computer Processors
* RAM modules
* Catalytic Convertors
* Many types of copper including wire.
* Junk Silver.
* Literally, anything that can be sold at a scrap yard can be sold on eBay for just as much, if not more.

What are the tricks?

  • EBay and PayPal will takes fees out of what you sell. For example, If your listing sells for $50, you will only get about $44, and the rest goes to eBay and PayPal.
  • EBay takes NO fees out of shipping costs. This is why many people bump up the shipping cost, and use them to offset the eBay fees.
  • Always show pictures of the item on a digital scale. This generally give people confidence when bidding.
  • Add the weight of the item to its auction title, ie "4lbs of copper 1 scrap metal Cu bullion .99"
  • Adding words like "bullion", and possibly the purity of the scrap will be best to draw those investing on whatever metal you are buying.
  • Catalytic convertors are a very sought after scrap item. Amateure chemists will try to refine precious metals out of them.

*Remember, making a little more money will not seem like that big of a deal when you spend an extra hour putting everything up for sale on eBay, and then take the tiem to ship them out after payment. Don't underestimate the value of immediate payment.

List of odd items you can scrap:

Computer Monitor
Computer Desktop Tower
Central Processing Unit ( CPU )
Degaussing Cable
Ebay Scrap Metal
Heating Element
Hard Drive
Power Supply
Silver Plate
Statue of Liberty!
Spark Test Metals

This list is just to show you that literally anything can be scrapped so use your imagination when looking for things to sell. Also remember some things can be sold at a higher price than if you were to just scrap them. for example if you have a roll of 100ft of copper wire you might want to explore the possibility of selling it to someone who could use it rather than getting 3$ a pound for it. But if you just want to get rid of it and not spend the time looking for a buyer than theres always the option to just bring it to the yard.

Scrap Prices

ok here we will start with the prices you will most likely get for your metals. i will list each metal (most common metals) and the price that is usually paid for that metal. now the prices do fluctuate but stay right around this area. all prices are per pound.

* Copper No.1 - Average Price US$ 2.99
* Copper No.2 - Average Price US$ 2.79
* Sheet Copper - Average Price US$ 2.00
* Insulated No.1 Copper 75 Perc. - Average Price US$ 1.50
* No.2 Insulated Copper 45 Perc. - Average Price US$ 0.73
* Brass - Average Price US$ 1.65
* Aluminum Copper Unit - Average Price US$ 1.20
* AL Extrusion - Average Price US$ 0.55
* AL Cans - Average Price US$ 0.30
* AL Sheet - Average Price US$ 0.42
* Scrap Al Sheet - Average Price US$ 0.25
* Aluminum Wire - Average Price US$ 0.47
* Insulated Al Wire - Average Price US$ 0.25
* Cast Alum - Average Price US$ 0.42
* Aluminum Breakage - Average Price US$ 0.09
* Aluminum Turnings - Average Price US$ 0.15
* Lead - Average Price US$ 0.40
* Stainless Steel - Average Price US$ 0.64
* Magnesium - Average Price US$ 0.07
* Compressors - Average Price US$ 1.00
* Shredded Scrap metal - Average Price US$ 140.00
* No.1 Cast Iron - Average Price US$ 170.00
* No.2 Cast Iron - Average Price US$ 140.00

Remember the prices do fluctuate and each scrap yard has there own base price they work off of. Some Places prefer certain types of metal so they may pay higher than the average price for some stuff and lower for others. best way is to shop around different yards and find the best price for the particular type you have.

Please Email me or leave a comment or question if you have any suggestions or need more information. Thank you for your interest in my hub and on scrapping. Remember its not just about making money you are also performing a public service by recycling metals and wires for further use in our communities.

Great pipe cutters, cuts any type of copper piping! The milwaukee sawzall is the best ive seen cuts through anything ( catalytic converters, gas tanks , steel

Where do I find scrap yards to take my metal/wires too?

goto the link below to locate a scrap buyer near you.
goto the link below to locate a scrap buyer near you. | Source

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