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Seattle Man Claims Student Loan Debt Builds Character

Updated on August 13, 2015


Katie Palfenier

“It's the best thing I've ever done with my life!” Said Seattle's John Bacon when asked about his student Loan experience. “Honestly I wish I had done it sooner.” John contacted us earlier in the week wanting to get the word out about how student loan debt had turned his life around.

“I've always considered myself a bit of a Renaissance Man,” John continued ,“I have my fingers in a lot of pies. Some people said that made me flaky. Student loan debt has fixed that for me because now people realize I'm serious. There is nothing flaky about fifty grand.”

When asked about his degree in General Studies and it's effect on his life, John replied, “Well, I'm not exactly finished yet. I'm taking a sabbatical to grow my accordion business and focus a bit more on my artisanal corn-cob pipes.” Understandably, John has taken a lot of backlash for his unconventional opinion on the debt crisis.

“My mom says I'm never serious about anything. This General Studies degree can give me the chance to prove that I'm actually serious about everything. Taking out a big loan is just a way to prove that I'm all in. Besides,” he continued, “It builds character.” When asked about what he plans to do when he finishes his courses, John thought for a moment and replied, “Maybe graduate school, or backpacking through Canada.”

When we inquired about John's ability to pay back the loan with a General Studies degree, he swiftly replied, “Says the writer!”

Touché John. Touché.


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