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Secrets of The Federal Reserve

Updated on March 21, 2013

Federal Reserve Bank Under Bernake Secretly Builds World's Largest Strangest Casino

Here are some of the prime secrets of the intensely secretive US Federal Reserve. Don't Tell anyone or share this because it is a complete secret and secrets are the whole reason we have government and the services they have to offer.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve bank has more than one secret Swiss Bank Account? It does actually. Whose money is it then? That's still a secret.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank operates an entire airline that ships money and gold around the world? What's it called? Midas Airways. All the planes in the fleet are covered with 24 k gold leaf , all seats are first class and all the airline food service trays , plates ,bowls and utensils are solid gold.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is building the largest strangest casino in the world at the tip of Manhattan directly under Battery Park? It is . It will have 550,000 square feet of gaming space including Craps, Poker, Black Jack and 7000 slot machines . The strange thing about this casino is the games and machines are all fixed to pay out at least 5 times more than anyone bets guaranteed. Almost everyone is a winner! Admission to this casino is limited by invitation only protocol. Goldman Sachs will be signed up to be the management of this joint venture with Ben Bernake. Isn't it dandy a casino just for big money center banks and insider investors? The so called fed window is going to be relocated in this casino complex as part of the cashier's cage.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve has a cafeteria where there are caviar dispensers because many allied bankers are on special caviar diets?

In a secret room in the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC they have a shrine where the real frozen body of Vladimir Lenin now resides on a bad made of a large ice cream cake from Baskin's and Robbins. Lenin now has a frozen maraschino cherry over each eye. Any other frozen Lenin's are fakes this is the only real one. The reason this is worshiped no one is quite sure. Lenin holds a apple smartphone so he can give guidance to the fed board so they always remember that the purpose of the fed is each according to his need and to expand employment by any means possible.

Did you know that the federal reserve has a computer data base that tells them what your name is and all your financial account with a complete record of every transaction. If someday you wake up and find ten million dollars suddenly appearing in your bank account it means you have a real friend at the reserve. If you wake up and find 500 billion dollars in your bank account you are encouraged to buy a country before they catch the error.

There is a 2700 lb solid gold statue of Alan Greenspan in the New York Federal Reserve offices. It was so heavy it had to be moved down to the basement but that is close to the new breezeway that leads to the new casino still under construction. All art objects in the New York federal reserve are made of solid gold including a bas relief winking Mona Lisa in the lobby and the gleaming bust of Paul Volker. In the large vault in the basement someone got creative and stacked gold bricks in the shape of a 30 ton 15 foot tall pyramid with an extra large glass eye sculpture suspended above it.


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