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Sell Old Photos to Make Money

Updated on April 22, 2017
Althara Devi Theyyam, Kerala
Althara Devi Theyyam, Kerala

Sell Your Photos to Make Money

Sell photos to make money Online

Photography is a passionate affair for many of us. Camera captures not only the the thousands of shades of emotions of human beings, but also numerous enigmatic mood of the nature also. We cannot think a world without photography. The passion for photography can be translated in to earning money without much effort. This lens is a basic guide for making money through selling your photos.

Etna Volcano Paroxysmal Eruption July 30 2011

Etna Volcano Paroxysmal Eruption July 30 2011
Etna Volcano Paroxysmal Eruption July 30 2011 | Source

Photo Marketing Websites

Sign Up For Photo Marketing Websites

To begin with, sign up with one or two photo marketing websites and upload some of your best photos. You can select old photos also. Many of the sites check the quality of the photos very strictly in the beginning. So one has to be careful about the photos to be uploaded for review.

Beautiful Cactus Flowers
Beautiful Cactus Flowers | Source

Photo Marketing Tips

Things to Remember for photo Marketing

To sell photos one need not be a professional, but the person should have basic knowledge about its techniques. Stock photos always have high demand. If you have a collection of old photos which are good can also be uploaded. The photos should be in JPEG format. The camera should be at least 5MP. Some websites insist photos taken by up to 12 MP cameras. Some photo marketing websites limit the size of photos. As the terms and conditions of photo marketing websites are different, it should be read carefully before uploading photos.

A Photographer Captures Images of the Beautiful Mexican Poppy

A Photographer Captures Images of the Beautiful Mexican Poppy.
A Photographer Captures Images of the Beautiful Mexican Poppy. | Source


Payment Method

You can upload any type of photo to photo selling websites which pay the account holder when they sell it. The websites will charge you commission for the service. The payment will be sent through bank or paypal account.

Whitby Harbour Panorama
Whitby Harbour Panorama | Source

Top 55 Photo Marketing Websites

55 photo - selling websites

  1. 123RF

  2. Alamy

  3. Alaska Stock Images

  4. Artbreak

  5. Artist Rising

  6. Big Stock Photo

  7. Can Stock Photos

  8. Cerizmo

  9. ClipDealer

  10. ClusterShot

  11. Corbis


  13. Cutcaster


  15. Dippic

  16. Dreamstime

  17. eBay

  18. Etsy

  19. FeaturePics

  20. Flixya:

  21. Fotolia

  22. Fotolibra

  23. FotoStudio

  24. FotoTime


  26. Getty Images

  27. Graphic Leftovers

  28. Graphicriver

  29. Imagekind



  32. iStockPhoto

  33. iSyndica

  34. jupiter images

  35. MostPhotos

  36. Photaki

  37. PhotoArtGallery

  38. Photobox ProGallery


  40. PhotoShelter

  41. PhotoSpin

  42. PhotoStockPlus

  43. Picturestock


  45. RedBubble

  46. rtbreak

  47. Scandinavian Stockphoto


  49. Shutterfly

  50. ShutterPoint

  51. ShutterStock

  52. Stock Photo Media

  53. Stockfresh


  55. Stockxpert

Beautiful Cactus

Beautiful   Cactus
Beautiful Cactus | Source

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