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Sell Your Articles on Ghostbloggers.Net

Updated on February 8, 2015

What is can be described as a portal for writers and publishers. For writers, it is a website where they can search for topics they are interested in writing, then submit it for clients to buy. Unlike iWriter, writers in compete for the attention of publishers who are looking to buy articles written for them. allows you to sell your unique content. allows you to sell your unique content. | Source

How it Works

After registering on, you will be able to access a page where publishers (people who are looking for contents for their blogs/websites) posts topics they want to be written for them. As a writer, you can decide which topics you want to write about and then submit it for moderation. Your articles must meet the requirements the publisher has set.

Now after you submit the article, the editor will decide if it:

  • is Approved
  • Needs editing
  • or Rejected

If it needs editing, you must follow the guidance of the editor. Change what needs to be changed. One of my articles needed editing when I was still writing for and I can say that the editors are really kind and supportive. They work with you to make sure that your article will be approved the next time you submit it. Also, they make sure that their corrections would not be offensive to the writer.

If your article is approved, it will be shown in the pool of articles written and publishers will be able to see it, and hopefully, buy it.


Earnings are pretty slow in Ghostbloggers because of the competition. I don't often write for a specific buyer, so what I do is, I just write whatever I can and then submit it for moderation.

This website is great if you have lots of articles that got rejected and did not have a second chance of getting published. Maybe you have kept them hidden for a long time and got really disappointed for not being able to make something out of them, after long hours of research.

Give your old contents a new life, edit them and try submitting them on the site. When I was younger, I have articles that got rejected on other websites. What a waste. But thanks to Ghostbloggers, I was able to sell them for a higher price.

Another thing to love about the website is, you get to set the price of your article. The default price is $3.50 per a hundred word. If you want to set it higher, just please make sure that your content is extraordinary.

I always set the default price and so far, the most expensive article I sold is one that is about treating and preventing acne - a 2,000 - word article that costs $67.44. I originally submitted it to another website for $40 but it got rejected. I did a few edits and it got approved on Ghostbloggers.

Have you tried selling articles online?

What worked best for you?

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When will I get paid?

Like other money-making websites, you can withdraw your money anytime you want as long as you reached the minimum payout which $20. They send your earnings through PayPal.

In my experience, has not missed a single payment to my account, so be assured that it is a legit website.


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    • TheChaiiChi profile image

      TheChaiiChi 3 years ago

      Hi Nate! Ghostbloggers is worth it, although it takes time before your contents sell. :) Go ahead and try it :)

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 3 years ago from California, United States of America

      I haven't heard of Ghostbloggers before, I'll have to go check them out. I was doing a little freelance writing, selling articles, but it was making me tired; was doing a lot of writing for very little money. But Ghostblogger sounds like it pays a little more than I was getting before. Maybe I'll try it.

      Thanks for the info.