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Important Feedback - Selling Items on eBay

Updated on February 7, 2013

Giving and Receiving Feedback

One very important aspect of eBay buying or selling is feedback, which is the grading of the actions of the buyer or seller.

After you have listed your article, someone has made the final bid, the buyer has paid you for your item, you have packed it and shipped it and it has been received by the buyer, you can report your feedback on eBay. Go to your "selling" page and click on the "leave feedback" link which you will find to the right of the line that lists the item sold. A new screen comes up and gives you the opportunity to do this. Sometimes it is as simple as clicking on "positive" or "negative" and giving a short explanation of why. Other times they ask for a more detailed feedback with four points you need to grade. They ask about the accuracy of the description of the item, shipping time, communication, and shipping and handling charges. Please be very careful with this feedback because it is very important to the seller and buyer, and even to you.

When you are the buyer, you need to leave feedback also, and the process is the same. When I want to bid for an item listed on eBay, one of the first things I look for is their "feedback score." Usually I will not bid on any item where the seller has less than 95% feedback, but occasionally I will bid for something I really want if the feedback is below that. On the listing page for the article, on the right side, there is a box with different information about the seller. The number in parenthesis behind the name of the seller indicates how many items they have sold and under that is indicated their feedback score. If you click on the number of the items, a different screen will come up showing you the recent feedbacks for that buyer/seller. There you will discover why that person received positive or negative feedback scores, and you can decide whether to bid or not.

My current feedback score is 100% and I am very proud of that.

Seller info

Member id joantheresa ( Feedback Score Of 392) 100% Positive feedback 

Just this week, I received an email from eBay informing me that my "customer ratings are the highest" and that they will allow me to list 50 items per month for free. This is an indication of the importance of feedback.

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