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How to Write and Sell Your eBooks

Updated on March 16, 2013

ebook Sellers

Selling ebooks can be very profitable and some people actually make a living selling ebooks. The key to success is to write within a particular niche subject and gain a following within that particular subject. How to make money is a saturated subject, so it is best to stay away from that market and think of something that people are interested in, that few people have written about. Be creative, you may tap into something big just by writing about something you either love or are very knowledgeable in. If you are a creative writer you may find a wonderful opportunity writing about vampires. No kidding! This is a huge market for teenagers and you may be the next best selling author of supernatural vampire stories.

You may also consider your profession and write books related to your career choice. This can help brand you as the "expert" in your field at the same time it provides you with a handsome and passive income.

After You've Finished Writing Your Book

So you finished your first ebook and now what?

Many writers fret and struggle writing their books and after all the hard work of writing is done they are lost all over again. What can a new writer do to promote their books?

Most ebook writers say that the first thing to do is to submit your book to as many sites as possible. Amazon, Lulu, and ebay, ect. You should also start a blog and a facebook fan page dedicated to your book. These are the general rules when finishing your book, but beyond submitting your book you really need to a lot more if you are a new writer. There has to be a reason for consumers to choose your work over other ebooks on the same topic. As a marketer it is your job to pull out all the stops to give hype to your books content, and to choose interesting graphics that get people's attention.

Marketing via Email Newsletters

Send out mass mailings.

Just as in direct mail, you can send out email to thousands of addresses in a very short time. Indiscriminate mass emailings are known as spam and are not welcome. But, if you develop a targeted list via the guestbook on your website or via postings on newsgroups and ifyou keep your message short, your mass emailing could produce returns as high as 10%. You can do such a mailing on your ow, but most compaines wisely choose to use an outside provider who will charge from 10 cents to 20 cents per address for mass emailings. Here are a few.......

Direct Effect media Services



Email newsletters are one of the most important marketing tools avilable via the internet. An email newsletter is a periodic email message sent out to a list of people who have chosen to subscribe. Most email newsletters are currently free, but some do charge a subscription fee. If you are using email newsletter to promote your product and website, your newsletter should be offered for free. If your content is detailed and money-worthy, then you could charge a fee.

Seek Publicity

Think like Donald Trump. He knows the value of publicity. No matter what has happened to him in life he winds up on top again. The reason for this is that Trump has turned himself into a characture. He puts publicity first because he knows that no matter what bad deals he may run into he can always sell books, speak at conventions, get parts in movies, ect. He will never be truly broke, even if all his money were takin from him today.

How to get puclicity.

Not easy, but here is some advice.

you must creat real news about your book, something worth publicizing. A book with solid content and style will help immensely in fulfilling this first requirement. A highlly promotable author also helps.

Yu must locate and cultivate the appropriate media contacts. For help in locating targeted media contacts.

You must be persistent; you must follow through. Follow up with contacts, follow up letters, and follow up calls. Persistence pays. If you knock on the door enough times you are bound to get through.

Publishers Weekley

Send copies of at least three to four months before publication date to, Publishers Weekly,

This is a published weekly as a trade magazine for booksellers, librarians, and publishers, this magazine reviews over 5,000 books every year of any genre, except reference books.

How to Creat an Ebook


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    • assimilated profile image

      assimilated 5 years ago

      Thank you! I'm currently writing another ebook and looking for tips to make the most of it. Definitely helpful.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information on selling ebooks. Looks like a lot of work is involved but the returns are worth it.

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      A very useful and helpful hub that, for me , is very timely. Thank-you for the advice and tips. I thought writing an "ebook" would be the tough thing but marketing does seem to be the harder task to accomplish. Thanks again....voted up!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      OK! Perfect. Now, combining this hub with the hub Nell Rose wrote recently about writing and publishing e-books......Everyone who wishes to do so, is all set. Thanks to both of you lovely and talented writers.....

      BTW....Skarlet.......4 Hubs, by a my mail.....Fess up, girl, ARE you on a HUGE roll again??? Not 100 again!!?? lol