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Selling Items on eBay - Deciding What to Sell

Updated on January 31, 2013

Alaskan Wolf Fur Jacket

This Alaskan wolf fur jacket went to St. Petersburg, Russia.
This Alaskan wolf fur jacket went to St. Petersburg, Russia.


Books have been sold to many, many states.
Books have been sold to many, many states.

Used Printer

A used Photosmart 8050 printer
A used Photosmart 8050 printer

Finding items to sell on eBay

Okay, ready?

In our small town, we have an annual garage sale which is called “ABC.” That stands for Attic, Basement and Closet. So that is where you start looking for and finding articles to sell on eBay. When I started searching, I could not believe how many things were “stashed” away and hadn’t been used for many years. It also helps to check on eBay and see what is being sold. I don’t think I have ever looked on eBay for a certain item and did not find it. It is amazing.

The following is a list of many items I have sold on eBay--some of which brought much more than I ever thought they would and some less. But most of the time I was pleasantly surprised. 1. Books are probably my number one selling item, because I belong to a book club and when I am finished reading them, I sell them on eBay if I don’t want to keep them.
2. Clothing that is still in good condition but I have outgrown or no longer want. I have sold pj’s, sweaters, pants, shoes, and even a fur coat. The fur coat ended up in Russia which really pleased me. The buyer was extremely pleased. This is where PayPal came in really handy. I didn’t have to worry about getting the money or the money exchange value.
3. Craft supplies, completed items and articles to use in making crafts.
4. Sewing items, such as patterns, material, and supplies. I had two plastic circular thread holders full of thread, with lids, that I had purchased at a garage sale, or auction, and I decided I only needed one. Since I quilt, there were lots of leftover fabrics that I cut into quilt squares and sold. Many people don’t like cutting out the squares and like to buy them already cut. It seems the cut squares sell better than yards of fabric. When my granddaughter was younger, she loved American Girl dolls and I made clothes for them. The patterns for the clothes proved to be very popular items on eBay and they brought many times the original cost. These are just a few suggestions.
5. Electric appliances that you no longer use or may have two of. But be sure they are in good working order and that you pack them carefully.
6. Fancy silver, glass or ceramic serving dishes, trays, pitchers, etc.
7. Woodworking tools, supplies, material, etc. Once I could no longer continue with my woodworking, I sold my router and router table. This ended up in Florida. When I listed this, I wasn’t sure if anybody would want to pay what it cost to ship it, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. I also sold router bits, sanders, clamps, etc.
8. Bedding that we no longer could use as we changed beds.
9. Games and toys still in good working condition. Old windup toys are very popular and bring a good price.
10. Printer ink cartridges. These were unopened cartridges that I could no longer use when I bought a new printer. My used Photosmart printer.

Now go through your house from top to bottom to find items you don’t need or have use for anymore, and list them on eBay to see what happens. Just think about what you would put on a garage sale and go from there. Start small but as your confidence grows, you can expand into most any area.

My next lesson will be to explain in detail how to list an item, hopefully successfully, on eBay. ‘Til then.

©joaniebaby - 3-4-12


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