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Send Money to the Philippines, the Cheapest Ways - Online Money Transfer

Updated on December 23, 2011

Now we can send money to the Philippines online the cheapest way. Money transfer has never been so accessible, secure and affordable. Wherever country you are, sending money to your love ones will just be a click away. To some, a corner away. In minutes, your money will be received by your love ones abroad electronically.

Filipinos are everywhere around the world, working, living or exploring overseas. Millions of Filipinos are exploring abroad to bite any work opportunities not only because the economy in the Philippines is poor but simply because the exchange rate is an awesome advantage when you came back to your motherland.

Earning in dollar, euro, yen, riyal or pound and being away from home, you must know the best and legal ways to send and transfer money to your loved ones in the Philippines. Many agents cater money transfer services worldwide and international money transfer is just a click away in the modern world. Anyone doesn’t need to go to a money transfer outlet to send money overseas because anyone can now send money online. I’ve listed below the cheapest ways to send money to the Philippines, easy, fast, accurate, secure and trusted.

send money to Philippines
send money to Philippines


You can now send money to the Philippines through G-cash Remit (powered by Globe Telecom) It’s a way cheaper and quick. How to send money to the Philippines via G-cash remit? Simple as 1,2,3. If you’re already familiar with money transfer to Western Union, it’s just the same. For all those who don’t know it yet follow the steps to transfer money below:

Go to any G cash remit partner outlet abroad and tell the crew you’re gonna send money to the Philippines via G-cash remit. Send your remittance and secure your G-cash remit reference code and pay the fees. Give the reference code to your recipient (beneficiary) in the Philippines and he can then claim the money in any of the 18,000 g-cash remit payout outlets in the Philippines.

G cash remit partner outlets abroad

G cash remit payout outlets Philippines


Paypal may be the cheapest way to send money to the Philippines so far because of the super lower rates. It will cost you 50 cents to send $100 USD. How cool is that. A dollar for $200? Wow wow wow! The sender and the recipient must both have a Paypal account though. No worries, it’s just a click away and it’s free. Have a Paypal account now by clicking this link. I have listed the steps below on how to claim money from your Paypal account if you’re from the Philippines.

How to withdraw money from Paypal in the Philippines

  • Once logged in, under the ‘My Account’ tab, add your bank account. This must be your local bank in the Philippines (eg. BDO, BPI, Metrobank, etc.) and secure your 9 digit-paypal-bank-code thru this link à Philippines Paypal bank codes (It contains the uniform Paypal bank codes in the Philippines) Type the amount to withdraw and after few hours you can now withdraw from your local bank in the Philippines.
  • Follow the illustrated instructions in this link to see the real picture.

Western Union

Western Union is the best known money transfer service worldwide. With over 370,000 locations around the world, sending money abroad has never been so easy and accessible. Western Union’s money transfer rates are so affordable if you want a fast, secure and quality money transfer.

How to send money via Western Union?

  • Go to any Western Union outlet. Fill out the ‘sending money’ form with the accurate details. Pay for the fees and secure your MTCN (money transfer number). Give your MTCN to your beneficiary so he can then claim the money in any Western Union outlet near him.

Send money online via Western Union


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    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this useful info about sending money to the Philippines

    • profile image

      Lexie Orapa 5 years ago

      There's a new way to do it at very cheap rates. This is through GPRS or Global Pinoy Remittance Services, Inc. All you need is to go to a global dealer and you can transfer money anywhere in the Philippines in just minutes, 24/7!

      Here are the fees:

      Available Options on where to transfer or remit your money:

      E-Cash to E-Cash ----- P25.00 (any amount) for the charge

      E-Cash Convert to Available Funds --- Free of charge

      E-Cash to GPRS Branches ---- P60.00 - fixed charge (any amount)

      E-Cash to SmartMoney ---- P60 (Any Amount) eCash

      E-Cash to G-Cash ---- P60 (Any Amount) eCash

      E-Cash to G-Cash Remit Branches ---- P60 (Any Amount) eCash

      E-Cash to VisaCard/ATM ---- P50.00 (any amount)

      E-Cash to VisaCard/ATM ---- P60.00 (Any Amount)

      E-Cash to Credit-to-Bank (Bank Deposit 24/7)  ---- BPI Only P170; Other Banks P160


      Who wants to franchise a 6-in-1 business?

      We are offering a 6-in-1 web based business for only Php14,998:

      1) Remittance local and international

      2) Ticketing (local & international)

      3) 1 sim loading for all networks (use same phone & old sim)

      4) Bayad Center for almost all bills

      5) Hotel and Resort bookings

      6) Online Shopping

      You can earn from your global business anytime, anywhere!

      If you are interested, please email me here or at Thanks!

    • profile image

      mini 6 years ago

      can i payout gcash to westernunion branch???/ plz reply asap.... need it urgently....

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 6 years ago

      check your MTCN it's the only key to this plus the amount of money being sent

    • profile image

      aber 6 years ago

      hi i have anonline shop and i got iclient from japan. how long do i have to wait for the money transfer using western union via PNB to the philippines. i cannot track the MTCN she gave me. i'm not sure if she gave me a fraud number or anything do ireally have to wait for the next day for it to be tracked? pls help me

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      Paypal's exchange rates are also terrible - what you save on fees, you pay in hefty exchange rate commissions.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      I never mentioned Mukuru..A reader mentioned it. good to know some not so nice feedback bout it though. Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

    • profile image

      Martin 7 years ago

      Funny, that you mention mukuru as cheap ... these robbers are charging through exchange rate ... today's EUR/PHP Rate on PNB 58.8xxx - on ECB 58,9xxx.. on mukubu website it is shown with 53,xxx .. they are robbing more than 5 pesos for every Euro .. should not be listed .. a big fat minus for the G-Cash option!!

      Martin, Dumaguete City, PH - native AUSTRIAn ..

    • Ezybonds profile image

      Ezybonds 7 years ago from Worldwide

      Take a look at our hubs, we beat WU ands PayPal on charges. OK this is blatant publicity, but hey, if it saves folk money, why not?

      Nice hub, pity you missed us!

      Thanks, understand if you don't post this, but when you update the hub, mention us please! (and look at our charity aspect also)

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      Well money transfer from bank takes about 24 hours from my experience. My aunt is from the US and she sends money to me through money remittance in BDO (Banco de Oro) here. Your recipient needs the name of the sender, address/country of the sender, reference number, the amount being sent, and her valid IDs. She doesn't need to open an account in BDO.

      Other bank here accepts money transfer from foreign banks. They are: Metrobank, Phil. National Bank, Land Bank of the Phil, Banco de Oro, Bank of the Phil. Islands, Allied Bank, HSBC, China Bank. Those are the sure way.

      In case you don't want bank transfer anymore, Western Union is the easiest and quickest way. :)

    • profile image

      Daryl 7 years ago

      Well mybe you can answer my problem. I want to send money to the philippines using a bank account but i do not want to wait 1,2 or 3days for the verifying i want my recipient there back in the philippines can get the money instantly i can wait for hours though for verification things not days any web site you know how to send that way?

    • profile image

      Jason White 7 years ago

      PayPal es uno de los más grandes en línea del canal online de pago de dinero. Es tan simplecomo usted la transferencia de dinero de sucuenta bancaria a otra. Los sistemas deseguridad son muy buenas y muy estrictos. Hetenido varias malas experiencias acerca de las cosas de compra en línea algun acontencimiento, especialmente cuando se trata de comprarsuplementos sexuales sanar. Yo estaba buscandoun buen suplemento de la salud sexual masculinaque me ayuda y luego hubo varias compañías que ofrecen numerosos productos. Después me enteré Musli base Invigo producto indio que está completamente a base de hierbas y la mejor partees que aceptan el pago con PayPal. He compradodos botellas de Invigo y pagados a través de micuenta de PayPal. Tengo una confirmacióninmediata sobre el pago y Invigo fue entregado en 6 días a través de FedEx. Estoy super satisfechocon PayPal, así como Invigo. Usted debe tambiénutilizar PayPal

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      hahaha OK transferring money now... :)

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Send money HERE! Thank you twentyfive!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      I've never heard of money transfer via mukuru until you commented :) Thanks for the heads up. Sounds so fast huh

    • profile image

      yungrizzy 7 years ago

      i have sent money to phillioines with a breeze they work with gcash,its so fast its as if im giving them the money face to face

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 7 years ago

      Hello Cath! Good to see you here in my other corner in HP ;) Yup, once I received my first payment from google I was kinda hooked into putting these hubs up LOL The experiment is working, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to keep up. Cass has sent me tips and I haven't yet replied back to any of your email guys. It'll be coming once I'm back to my mind LOL Yup, western union is the best money transfer agent. Cheap and they are everywhere. Sound paypal's new feature is awesome, too.

      Thank you for the votes ;) Going to your new poem after this. :) XX moi friend

      Carolina Muscle thanks a lot :)

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Well done, informational hub!

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Hi Blaise. This is a surprising hub for you as I didn't know you are so into these different areas and topics. This is a really excellent hub, and Paypal sounds like it wins here. I have used Western Union. It is fairly cheap, less then a tenner to send £100. And their offices are everywhere.

      This is great. I am voting this up, well done for putting a vital important service we all use, on a hub.

      I'm just after publishing a poem! Check it out if you like. x