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Serbia getting stronger again: PayPal gives full functions to citizens

Updated on December 31, 2014

PayPal in Serbia

Serbia as East to West

For many years, Serbia was East to the West and West to the East. Recent changes on Global Politic map, makes Serbia very important factor, especially when it comes to the events such as wars in Ukraine, Syria, not finished Afganistan and more...

Geo-political and geo-strategic position

Position of Serbia in Europe
Position of Serbia in Europe | Source

PayPal goes IN!

PayPal announced new policies on October of 8th bringing Serbia closer to the total free e-banking market, along with Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as potential candidates for EU that are in PayPal system.

VIDEO UPLOADED, on the top of the screen, explains a lot better what you need to understand and how actions and events like opening of FIAT, PANASONIC, MISHELLE, MICROSOFT, NCR, SIEMENES and now PAYPAL tells us a lot.

The region has been fairly stabile during last past 2-3 years, and Serbia definately is starting to be respectufl country in the EU. And not just at the EU, but on the EAST and mid-WEST as well, whereby the UAE invested some 2 billion USD, and Russia has 6-7% share in our export.

- The new documents signed today, on 16/10/2014 betwen Russia and Serbia made geo-political, strategical, and any other kind of importance even higher due the polarity between pro-European and pro-Russian oriented policies. Of course, our Govenment is working on getting us as soon as possible in the EU, but once again- as stated out on MILITARY PARADE just days after incident on match with Albania; that Serbia will and prevail to stay factor of stability continuing to be military neutral, and brining closer East and West.

Pay Pal Huge Disappointment ?

As someone who is online 2-4 hrs a day, do you think it's normal for one country like Serbia NOT to have and PayPal not to obey their own policy?

See results

Backed up by good feedback!

Backed up with a good feedback recently got from the IMF for the rigid spearing budget for 2015, Serbian Government made a huge step showing businessman from West and East that Serbia is a stable and reliable place to invest.

- Making market of your own predictable, it is more secure for investor to come! From 360 days, that companies gave a feedback to the Agency for National Tax Register- 360 is the number of days needed to obtain the "Ground Permit", "Build Permit" and all other papirology needed to make a greenfield investment. Now, it all came down to 14 days! Serbia adopted many many rigid, but effective laws that attracted IMF to seal deal with Serbia for securing the budget for next year.

- It's estimated that BDP Growth should be around 2,5 and 3%, but Prime Minister Vucic is convinced that we can do more and better for higher growth if all plans with the EDF (European Development Fond) and budget goes right.

Unemployment Rate Chart

Unemployment drops quickly!
Unemployment drops quickly!

Main Projects in 2014

(click column header to sort results)
14 billion
30 bilion
Wurth ATG
500 milion
Huaweii LTD
1 bilion
Belgrade on Water
Belgrade and UAE
300 billion
Bor 2
Government of Serbia and Government of Canada
30 bilion
USA National Cash Reg.
10 billion


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