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Seven Repeated Household Buys You Can Eliminate

Updated on August 30, 2017

There are several household items that an average American person buys all the time. At times it may appear convenient but if you care to investigate this “convenience”, you will be shocked to realize the level of financial inconvenience that repeated purchases of the same item is causing you. The following is a list of repeated household buys that can be eliminated completely:


Paper towels can be useful for cleaning up a mess in a pinch, the reality is that once you use them, they are gone. You throw them in a trash and in a short while you are ordering another roll. Often times, people do not notice the amount of money spent on paper towels because they are cheap. One way to ascertain how much you are losing is to add up the entire amount of money you expended on paper towels in a year. The best approach is to have a rag drawer in your kitchen. Grab a rag drawer each time you have a mess to clean. It is more effective than paper towels and cheaper.


Paper Plates are ideal for restaurants where the bill can be passed to the customer. They are also a good fit for parties, which you hold once in a while and have carefully budgeted for. However, it is a familiar item in several American homes. People who use them obviously have no idea that it is a parasite to their finances. Use Plastic, Ceramic or Steel Plates. These plates can last for years. They are better than paper plates that can only be used for a meal.


Paper cups are common household buys that don’t justify the amount of money spent on them. Rather than buy cups that you have to thrash after each drink, I recommend that you use plastic, steel or glass tumblers that can be washed and used for years. Avoid needless repeated buys.


Toilet Paper is a very common household item, however, the defect with toilet paper is that it doesn’t clean the butt properly, yet you buy it every now and then. There is a new toilet gadget called the ‘Bidet” It is a device that cleans your butt properly with targeted jets of water. It doesn’t cost much and provides the real cleaning that you need. Installing a bidet in your home is not just a cheaper alternative, it makes you a neater person.


Most laundry soaps are overpriced considering the fact that as an adult you do not have so much dirt to remove. You do not need heavy duty soaps to get rid of a bit of sweat and a few marks of dirt from a cloth. This is why I am introducing the homemade laundry soap. The best solution is a powder made of equal quantity of borax, washing soda and soap flakes. Just add a teaspoon of this mix to any load of laundry and you will be shocked by the result.


Several people buy bottles of window cleaners in order to clean the glass surfaces in their home. Although the results of using these window cleaners are usually fine, using vinegar to clean your windows will produce the same good result. Just give it a try. When you run out of your current spray bottle of Windex, keep the bottle and fill it with equal parts of vinegar and water, then add two drops of liquid dish soap to the mixture. Shake thoroughly and use it to clean your windows, I assure you that the result you will get will not be different when you use a Window Cleaner.


First, you are told that you need a Washing Machine to do your laundry fast and effectively. This is accepted. Then you are now told that a Washing Machine needs regular cleaning. This is equally a fact but do not buy that expensive Washing Machine Cleaner. When you want to clean your Washing Machine, just add two cups of white vinegar into the drum and run a regular cycle. The result will be as good as when you use a Washing Machine Cleaner.


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