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SharkTank Deal or No Deal!

Updated on May 22, 2011

ABC's SharkTank! My Views and Questions!

So you want to see what my views and opinions are and perhaps questions that I have about the shark tank program airing on Fridays on ABC’s TV programming.

I started this hub so I could try and find out other views and perhaps find answers to some questions that have come to me over two years I’ve been watching. I enjoy the show a lot and I enjoy the folks on the panel and their different personalities.

My first observation it seems that with this group in their extremely diverse areas of expertise that they really bring this show to the levels of interest that it has. I also think that due to these different areas of expertise for each panel member plays a big role on their personalities in their way of thinking and even considering their motivations when they do select to get involved with a particular product. For myself I have to admit that I have been surprised by the deals they get put together. I know I’m always trying to guess the way that I think it will turn out and who it is that actually gets involved. The sad part is I am usually wrong!

My second observation is about the program from ABC’s selection committees. Just want to let you know I have submitted to show and following all the rules and the requirements in answering all the questions and spending 1 to 2 hours of preparation and then you hit the submit button and waiting starts. You do not receive a confirmation email submission has just vanished into thin air. I wonder if they know about email auto responders.

I suppose according to what I see on Twitter from the panelist that they have already approved the next season. This is good news to me because I do enjoy the program.


Host Robert Herjavec 1st Chair


Founder of Herjavec Group, Dragon on CBC, Shark on ABC, bestselling author, dad

Mr. Herjavec in my opinion with his class he exhibits every time I see him no matter what he does makes him a 10 for my money and in his deals as well. He also exhibits traits of fair play and heartfelt sentiments when dealing with the prospects that come on SharkTank.

Now that I have stated the obvious just never forget he is about the profits and that is why he is who he is!

Feel lucky if he chooses your deal you should follow him and he will help make you rich! Yee Ha!

I would like to know how fast this car is moving! Can anyone Guess?

What a collection of cars and toys that only a few folks could accomplish in a lifetime.

Good Job sir!


Host Barbara Corcoran 2nd Chair


A Bull at Business! Watch Out!

 Shark Tank, entrepreneurs, motivation, business, real estate.

"In Manhattan, where real estate is a full-contact sport,
Barbara Corcoran is hall-of-fame material." -

"Her manner is frank and energetic, but for all her drive,
she has no airs." - The NY Times

"She commands the kind of market power that makes her smaller competitors tremble with envy." - The Wall Street Journal

A Copy from:


Host Mr. O'leary 3rd chair


Host John Daymond 4th Chair


Host Kevin Harrington 5th chair


Who is your favorite?

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