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Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Updated on October 28, 2017

Step 1

Plan. The most important aspect of this guide is having your trip mapped out before you start. Planning is everything, so make a list and stick to it. I waste the most money picking up things that aren't on my list because "hey, I could use that," and/or "what a deal." NO, if you need it, it's already on your well planned list.

Step 2

Weekly Deals. We all have our favorite place to shop. Grab a free copy of your stores weekly circular ad on your next shopping trip, in the newspaper, or online. Use this to see what's on sale and what specials are going on, then plan your list and menu based on deals.

For example: sometimes Kroger's will have chicken breast for $1.99 a pound. The next week you might catch ground beef on sale. Stock up and freeze the meats.


Step 3

Coupons! I love coupons. They can be found in your Sunday paper, online, and depending on your grocery store, can be downloaded directly to your shoppers card so you don't have to sort them out at the register, just swipe. Coupons used in combination with store deals are how those extreme couponers save so much money. I wish I was an extreme coupon mom, but I usually average about $15 a shopping trip, using them on things I need.

Example of how this works: Buying the nice smelling candle at close-out prices in combination with a coupon. This may not be a household necessity, but its so exciting to save on indulgences.

Coupon Mom

In Conclusion

Your grocery bill, depending on how large your family is, can easily become costly. With proper planning, couponing, and awareness of what deals are readily available to you, it is possible to save money.

How much do you save using coupons?

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