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Shop And Buy Online - Cheaper Than The Mall

Updated on October 30, 2013

Fun Day Shopping


Shopping Online The World Wide Retail Store

Have you ever bought anything online?  Each year retailers are seeing increases in people shopping online.  Everyone has heard of Black Friday and now Black Monday has become a household word as well.  Black Monday refers to the Monday following Thanksgiving.  This is the day with the highest online sales.  For Christmas 2010, I have decided to buy my gifts online.  I am doing this for 2 reason; 1)  saves me from going to the mall and avoid the crowds and 2)  I’ m cheap and hope to find lower prices.

If you have a Smartphone check out an app called Shopsavvy, it searches prices online and gives you a list of where you can get it and for how much. In some instances the savings can be quite a bit. For example, I went into the app to search for Nintendo Wii’s Just Dance 2, I found prices ranging from $29.00 to $38.54. Obviously the best price was from the web at Amazon, and shipping is free. I could go to Walmart and pay $38.54, but why?

Let’s face it, you can buy just about anything you want online, so you might as well get the lowest price. I mentioned Androids app, Shopsavvy, just because I have an Android phone and I am not aware of apps for the other platforms, I am sure they have one too. I even went online to purchase my Android Phone. I did go to my service providers website, which is Sprint, and took advantage of their online savings as well. I bought a nice refurbished phone for $80.00 that normally costs $350.00. I know what your saying, its refurbished, its used.

When the providers refurbish their phones they put it back to like new condition, no scratches, new battery, etc.  But since you are purchasing (at a greatly discounted price), you are not required to sign a new two year contract.  Most providers will waive the activation fee if you purchase online as well.  The phone is still backed by the company and all warranties are in place, at least it was for mine.

So bottom line is online shopping is becoming bigger than ever and I love it. If you are still shopping at the stores, consider looking online. If you don’t have Shopsavvy, just google or bing the item you are looking for. I did this for the Just Dance 2 game and it did bring up Amazon at $29.00, so you should be able to find the deals. Hey in today’s world every little bit of savings helps. So shop online and save some money folks. Good luck and happy shopping.


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