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Shopping in Surat – Where and What to Buy in Surat

Updated on September 27, 2017
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Kannan loves to travel and explore new places. Be it in his home city Mumbai or faraway places. He believes in travelling on a budget.

Surat is the second largest city of Indian state of Gujarat. In the past few years, business has grown in an unprecedented manner in Surat. Actually many people have migrated from all over the country in search of livelihood and to lead a healthy life in Surat.

As you may know, Surat is a hub of gemstones. It is also estimated that about 90 % of the world's diamonds are cut here, maybe more I must say.

It is this the very reason that businesses are now looking to Surat, and to Gujarat as a whole for setting or expanding their business. Expansion of business in the recent years saw major businesses setting up of big shopping malls. Though the phenomenon of large shopping malls is a bit new here, traditionally made textiles and jewelry shops are the best here; for which the shops are scattered all over the city. And garments and other merchandise here are available at a relatively low price than in many other cities. Local manufacturing is the reason.

Shopping Malls of Surat

As I said, shopping malls have started cropping up here big-time. Large businesses are seeing a great potential and are trying to catch the pulse of people in Surat.

Iscon group which is a prominent real estate developer has developed a shopping mall which is located at Damus road in Subhash Nagar of Surat. The mall has a good collection of brands. The mall has shops from international as well as local Indian brands. The mall boasts stores such as Nike, Reebok, Liberty, and Archies Gallery among many others. If you like to buy something for your little one then there is Lilliput, a kids-wear brand to make your child look like a superstar. Also for your love for music, there is Planet M as well.

If you are a Big Bazaar fan, then don't go further in your search. Near the Kamdhenu mall which is also located at Damus road there is Big Bazaar for you. As you know big bazaar is more famous to buy bulk items. Sure your hands will be full when you come out of the mall.

Buying of international brand goods should only be done in malls such as the above because you never know you may end up buying locally labeled "international goods".

Big Bazaar outlet in Surat
Big Bazaar outlet in Surat

Traditional Clothing and Textiles of Surat

Locally made traditional clothing is available in plenty here in Surat. If I give you specific shop information then that will be a bit harsh on other shops that also have more or less the same kind of clothes.

The sari's which have the lovely looking zari work is quite famous in Surat. Go get a sari for your loved one or for yourself. Traditional clothes are never out-of-fashion because they are traditional, of course.


Jewellery Shopping in Surat

Again the same rule applies here because there are so many jewelry shops out there, naming a few is uncalled for. As Surat is an international market for diamonds. Private jewelry shops are in abundance. There is no certain time to gift a diamond, anytime is a good time. Just my thought.

If you are visiting Surat for the first time then don't forget to eat some local Surati delicacies. As opposed to popular belief that Gujarati food is often sweet. Surati cuisine, on the contrary, is on the spicier side.

Imitated Jewellery are also hit in Surat

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      Vasudevan K 2 years ago

      Plz let me know the genuine wholesalers in Surat for designer sareea..