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Shopping in Waco, Texas

Updated on February 7, 2012

Living in Waco, Texas for a few years was slightly difficult for me to keep up my shopping addiction. It was even harder to find a sale and score great deals. Waco is centrally located between Dallas and Austin, a 2 hour drive each way! I am not a huge fan of the rhinestone cowboy look so I was in trouble. Baylor University is located in Waco and I just knew there had to be a plethora of shopping for the college scene, but there wasn’t. Somehow I managed and found a small world of shopping that every Wacoan or future resident needs to know about. There are charming boutiques located throughout the small city and one small mall that my closet had to benefit from.

Richland Mall is the primary mall establishment with only a few select stores to choose from. Dillard’s became my principal hot spot for cute threads and their merchandise is usually always on sale. I was able to find BCBG Max Aria, Joes Jeans, Uggs, Hobo hand bags, MAC cosmetics and tons of delightful clothes to purchase. I fell back in love with the GAP, also located at Richland Mall. Their current collection is Oh So Cute and cheap! They always have a sale on basic closet staples that are multifunctional. There is so much more than the cardigans and khakis that I remembered from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Forever 21 is located in the mall too. I have never really loved this place, but I was able to find fun outfits at a sale price for my nights out on the town.

There is this local shop called Congress Clothing near Baylor that specializes in TOMS and Alternative Apparel. You can even find a pair of TOMS on sale occasionally! This store is very cool; the people are always so nice. This boutique is as hipster as Waco gets.

Bear Mountain is a fun local place that caters toward the outdoor desires of Wacoans. Bear Mountain is great for finding your Vibram Five Fingers, Merrels, The North Face and Uggs. Their dog, Jake, even hangs out in the store!

Spice Village is no secret to Wacoans but if you are visiting then this place should be scheduled in any of your planned shopping trips. The Village is located downtown when you exit University Drive off of I-35. There is a collection of over 40 shops that are independent of each other. There is refurbished furniture, tons of jewelry, boutique clothes for everyone and so much more. Plan to spend an hour walking around Oooing and Ahhhing!

No. 201 Collective is also located downtown. This boutique is fresh and whimsical. I am reminded of Anthropologie every time I walk through doors, I love this place! This is a specialty shop that also has a smaller collection of boutiques. I was able to feed my juicy couture, designer jean and free people hunger pains. There are also many lovely designs and accessories to chose from. The shop even has a markdown section that always has darling dresses priced at super affordable prices.


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