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How Borrowing Money Can Test Your Friendship

Updated on July 2, 2015

Some Thought On Lending Money To Friends

If you have a friend that comes to you and says that they are in a pinch and in desperate need of some cash, and you look at them in the face and tell the "Of course, I'll Help you, but you need to pay me back every cent I lend you and maybe even with interest", that means you were never friends in the first place.

When a real friend hears a friend is in need, they should go out out of their way to help their friend because that's whats in the friend code of honor. That is one of the main reasons for being friends. Your allies, bothers, and sisters in the game of life.


When you have a friend that asks you if they can borrow money, you just give them the money and never expect to see it again. You don't have to make a big deal out of it.Your friend may ask you to lend them money, and you could lend it to them, and they may pay you pack like they should, but the moment you hand over your money, you should never expect to see that money again, and it would be in your best interest to forget that non-debt as quickly as you can. So if your friend ever decides to pay you pack, it will be pleasant and welcomed surprise, it may even make you feel that much closer to your friend since they just gave you more than you originally expected to receive from them. Its never any fun worrying stressing about the debts you hold over your friends.

I'm not saying that it is bad to lend people money and then expect them to pay you back in return; I'm just saying that when you are expecting to get paid back from your friend, then that is a good sign that person is not really your friend, at most, your just allies in the game of life. So if your lending money to someone and expecting to get paid back by them, don't go hugging that guy the next time you see them proclaiming you are buddies.


Another thing, if you ask money from one of your friends and they go "Sherlock Holmes" on you and start asking you about the details of the loan, "What do you need it for?" "Is it important"?, and keeps bothering you about it, then that's a good sign your not really friends. Your only as good to them as the debt your able to repay, and they more than likely wont go out of their way for you because your friendship is not even worth the piece of paper they are lending you, and they aren't worth pursuing any kind of deeper relationship with.

So when the time comes for you to hand over that hard earned money, stop and smell the roses for a moment, A really good friend is one of the rarest, hardest, most wonderful things to come bye in life, and today is your opportunity to experience real friendship, hopefully that special friend in your life is worth more than that piece of paper you are about to give them.

I hope this paints a nice picture of why you shouldn't lend money to fiends then expect to get paid back.

Do you expect your friend to pay pack money?

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