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Should You Sell Iraqi Dinar To Cash For Dinars?

Updated on February 1, 2015

Selling Dinar

Where should you sell your Iraqi Dinar for the best price?
Where should you sell your Iraqi Dinar for the best price? | Source

4 Things To Know Before Selling Dinar To CashForDinars

You purchased some Iraqi Dinar. Maybe you need to free up some cash, or maybe you're just sick of sitting around waiting for a revalue to happen which may or may not ever come.

If you're selling your Iraqi Dinar, unless you bought prior to 2006 when prices spiked, you're most likely going to take a loss. Ideally however, you'd probably like to get the maximum amount of money possible for your Dinar and will be trying to get the highest price paid for your Dinar.

Cash For Dinars is currently offering by far the highest price on Dinar at $875 per million. They recently raised their price from $875 from $850. This is pretty good considering most other dealers are paying around $780.

So there's some very good things about Cash For Dinars. There are also some, not necessecarily bad things, but things you may want to be aware of before selling to Cash For Dinars as not everyone is going to get that very attractive price of $875 per million. Below we'll address the pro's and con's of selling to Cash For Dinars.

Pro's & Con's Of Selling To CashForDinars...


  1. Cash For Dinars pays for you to ship your Dinar in. Most other dealers make you pay to ship your own Dinar.
  2. Cash For Dinars processes your sell order within 3 days.
  3. Unlike other dealers Cash for Dinars will buy from you whether you bought from them or not. Sterling, Dinar Trade, and others will only buy back from their own customers.


  1. Must have origional receipts to get full price.
  2. Must have Certificate of Authenticity to get full advertised price
  3. Notes must be in sequential order. This means the serial numbers on your notes must go in order or Cash For Dinars will dock your price or consider your notes circulated condition.
  4. Notes must be in perfect uncirculated condition

As you can see, there really aren't any bad things about selling for Cash For Dinars, it's just important to note that not everyone is going to get the full advertised price.

If you meet all the requirements listed above and have your paperwork as well as sequentially ordered uncirculated notes Cash For Dinars is by far the best place to sell to. On the other hand if you're missing documentation or your notes are not uncirculated or in order you may want to find out how much they will dock from the price and consider selling to some other buyers as though Cash For Dinars offers the best price on uncirculated notes at $875, if you are missing items you may only get $650 or $700 in which case you may be better off going with another dealer who may pay you a bit more.

Cash For Dinars

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Dinar To?

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Dinar To?

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