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Signs Of The Broke And Educated

Updated on February 7, 2014

Are You Poor?

Currently I'm almost two years out of college and have come to find out one thing: I'm poor. Now I'm not here to say being almost completely broke is a bad thing, in fact I think this is a time in your life where you truly build your character. It's just unfortunate that my character has to wonder when he'll get to taste name brand food again.

Now for most graduates I've spoken with, it's clear that the job market isn't the best thing in the world. Let's face it, we were all mostly average students and just having a Bachelor's Degree isn't something that will guarantee you a job anymore. In fact, I know plenty of graduates like myself that are working minimum wage jobs just to get by as well.

So if you're feeling broke as a joke like I am, it's probably true. So I decided to look into my own life and find out what makes me poor.


Your Parents Still Pay Your Bills

Student loans? Car/Health Insurance? Food? How do you expect to afford these bills when you can barely keep your power on? Why the answer is quite simple: Mommy and Daddy. Working at a minimum wage job and scraping together gas money is exhausting, thank God your parents love you and want to help you out. If you're a young adult, this is moderately understandable as you are trying to get on your feet and it's a hard world out there at the moment. If you're over might be time to start rethinking some life choices!

Hungry?  Have a pasta brick!
Hungry? Have a pasta brick! | Source

Pasta, Pasta, and More Pasta!

Do you enjoy Mac & Cheese? Is that all you ever eat? It probably is, because it's one of your 4 basic food groups; Mac & Cheese, Ramen, Chef-Boyardee, and beverages.

There are actually a few different stages you go through after eating this, "Poor Man's Diet," for a while. At first you will make the Mac & Cheese, you have a lot of it, so you can use it for more than one meal! Perfect! But wait...after a while, you don't really feel like cooking it anymore. The answer comes in wonderful Chef-Boyardee, the pasta in a can. Nobody can beat a good Beefaroni right!?

You have to beware though, at almost a dollar a can (when it's on sale) the much renowned Chef can be a little pricey. Then it boils down to (you guessed it) Styrofoam! I mean Ramen Noodles!

Ramen Noodles are a dead give-a-way that you're not making as much as you'd like. Go, open your pantry right now, however many boxes of Ramen you have, times that by 6 and that's your Poor Percentage Level.

You're Job Dresses You Up While Paying You Down

Do you still wear a getup with the brand logo and a nametag?

Do you work with the public and more importantly have to provide excellent customer service?

Do you have to say a catchphrase or slogan to the customer/guest?

Do you have a manager that had less education than you?

Do you work in a place that accepts coupons?

Do you make minimum wage or slightly above it?

Do you have goals of becoming an assistant-relief-weekend manager?

Then you understand the pain...

You've Got A Car, But It Stays Parked

Why drive when you can rely on public transportation and/or the kindness of friends. The bus, subway, or any other form of public transportation can be rather terrifying, but if you're like me, it's also a good opportunity to people watch. Musicians on subways, homeless people on the bus, and let's not forget bikers...flipping bikers. All of the colorful general public are always around to provide hours of entertainment as your stuck in traffic and 20 minutes late to work.

On the flip-side to that you can have friends. Now I'm not endorsing bumming rides off your friends constantly. I am however saying that carpooling is a great option if you have friends that you work with. If you don't have friends at work then quit being an Anti-Social Annette and make some. It'll save you money and frustration in the long run!



Sure you can't put gas in your car and you're eating what the bag in the frozen food isle said was chicken, but you can't live without Netflix!

So naturally the poor stay at home and Netflix is required to fill hours of boring days with hours of mind-numbing entertainment. Sure, you've seen that episode of Dr. Who 1,754 times now, but it's really fun to watch! Also with only paying 10 bucks a month, it sure beats the heck out of cable! (That internet bill still sucks though...)



Well that's about the size of it. You're poor and you're young. But hopefully this is all a learning experience! Here's hoping this generation exceeds expectation and rises to greatness...or at least management level!

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