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Simple Advice To Follow If You Want To Make Money Online And From Home

Updated on January 2, 2013

My Advice To You If You Want To Make Money Online And From Home

Many people ask me how much money do I make on a daily basis and I do not discuss how much money I exactly make because it differs each day but I will say this, I do not earn no less than $50 USD per day. Is it easy for me to make this much money? It is not exactly easy because it is work, and I treat it like work. When you work for yourself, then you are essentially in business for yourself, therefore you need to treat things like a business and do things such as show up to work every single day. My first piece of advice is to treat making money online and from home like a job. You need to show up to work everyday and put in the hours and the work. It may seem hard at first but eventually things do get easier as you get the hang of things.

Do not put all of your eggs into one basket. There are so many different ways to make money from home and from the internet. You can write articles for money on sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo, and earn money via shared revenues. You can start up your own website or blog and then make money via affiliate marketing or placing ads on the site.

There are also websites that pay you a flat rate per article you write. These sites are good to use if you do not mind writing articles that fall into many different topics. Not only are there site that will pay you per word you write, but there are also sites that pay you to complete certain tasks. Doing a few of these sites can help you earn money on a daily basis. You should try to join a site that will pay you per word you write and you should join a site that pays you to perform tasks. If you do this, then you could probably earn a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Do not waste time playing around on the internet when you could be making money. Make money first and complete your daily income goals and then play around on the internet. Too many people will go online with the intentions to work but end up checking their earnings over and over again, or checking their Facebook page over and over again, and then checking their other accounts and sites and so forth. Go online, work first and then play later. Time is money and this saying is very true if you want to make money online and from home.

This advice may seem like common sense advice but I know there may be a lot of people reading this who may need a refresher. Good luck everybody and keep on trying to achieve your online earnings goals.


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    • Mark S Waterhouse profile image

      Mark S Waterhouse 5 years ago from Christchurch, NZ.

      Thanks for the info. As you say, I spend too much time thinking about writing instead of getting on with it. I was thinking about putting time and effort into my own site (which I don't yet have) with the hopes of it growing over time. Any advice?