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Simple Advice on Money-Saving: Avoid the Key Solution!

Updated on May 2, 2012

Global crisis has altered the life of so many people in some parts of the world. Many companies reduced their workforce and cut back some of their expenditures resulting to a high rate of unemployment.

If you lose your job or found a job but pays lower salary, don’t lose hope. Look for alternative instead. Plan to survive financially. Change few habits that we take no notice of. It may be hard for you to adjust at first but you will feel the financial freedom in the long run and still live healthy on spending less.

So, here are few simple advice on money-saving that really works if you just have the motivation...Don't Waste...

1. Don't Waste Food

Let us remember that a lot of poor people in some part of the world died from starvation. Let us think twice if we really need an extra food in the table and later be thrown in the waste bin. It is not good for our wallet and is generally considered to have a damaging effect to our environment.

Avoid wasting food and make use of leftovers. There are lot of ways and recipes you can make out of your leftover food.

Cook your own food. Why not save money by preparing food at home instead of wasting money by regularly eating out? Cooking is fun. You will learn and discover a lot of dishes by your own if you just determined to do so. Cook only small portions you or your family members can consume. Plan for a healthy recipe for the week.

Try buying local produce goods which are often cheaper and fresher than those from outside your country. Check your local supermarkets for special offers. Buy fresh produce for the next two or three days in small quantities as they tends to go bad quicker. Buy only those you will use for the week otherwise you will end up throwing away food and money.

2. Don't Waste Electricity

Watching your energy bills is one of the easiest way to start saving electricity.

Turn off lights or air conditioning when there is no one in the room. Unplug any battery charger or power adapters when not in use.

Avoid using a powered walking machine for exercise. Why not burning calories by walking in the park where you can achieve the same result? Why wasting your money on buying these costly exercise machines and then manage to use for just a couple of months at most? And then later, you will just keep it in the storage room. It is a waste money and electricity.

3. Don't Waste Petrol

Petrol is getting expensive these days and it's really painful for our wallet. By saving petrol, you are not just helping yourself to save money but also you are helping to save the environment.

Move closer to work. Moving closer to work whenever possible will significantly save your time and money. It cuts down car petrol and maintenance cost. Travel time to and from work will be reduced. You can spend more quality time for family or yourself. It reduces stress from a bad traffic on the road. You can have free time to prepare food at home and not just depending on ready made food off the shelves.

Combine trips whenever possible. Use public transport, walk or bike whenever possible. Try walking to grocery store instead of driving. Take the advantage of the opportunity to get some exercise. You can save petrol and burn calories as well.


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Yes getting takeout or even buying already-prepared food at the grocery store is very expensive. It may take some extra advance planning, but cooking from scratch can save a lot of money on groceries. The freezer comes in handy if leftovers will not be used immediately.

      Also I read somewhere that every 5 miles over the speed limit will increase gas usage (this was based on 65 mph). Also real quick starting and stopping at traffic lights takes more gas.

      Thank you desertlab for this article. I enjoyed reading and it contains practical advice. Voted up, useful, interesting.