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Simple Things to Save Money

Updated on December 10, 2015
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My name is Kyle and I am currently a youth director of a church in Delaware. I am new to the Hubpages scene, but do enjoy writing!

Save Money, The Easy Way

In our homes, and when we make purchases, there many ways people can save money. Some are more obvious than others. Regardless of this, it never hurts to get a reminder once in awhile. After all, who doesn't want a reminder when saving money could be involved?!

Save Money at Home

Here are a few ways to save money at home:

1) If nobody is in a room, turn the light out!

Now this may seem simple and obvious, but sometimes, especially with kids around, this doesn't happen and as a result, money, even if it may be just pennies, is being wasted to light an empty room!

2) Do not constantly adjust the heat or air conditioning. (This is one people do not realize at times.)

For example, some may think it's cheaper to turn the heat way down when nobody is home and turn it back up when they get back from work. Yet, what this does is it pulls alot of energy all at once, and if your house is heated or cooled electrically, that's more money being pumped down the drain. Kilowatts is the key here! Maintaining a temperature is less stress on your heating or air machines then heating or cooling rapidly at once. Less stress equals less energy which equals less money. I experimented in my own home with this and actually saved money on my heating AND electric bills!

3) If you do not have a well, do not let the water just constantly run!

If your hooked up to the city or town for water and sewage, your paying for every drop you use. Be careful when washing dishes or even brushing your teeth. Manage your water use properly. Again, this may sound strange and may even be silly to some, but if you want to save those pennies, then take it into consideration!

4) If it is nice outside during the day, let the sun light your house or room for FREE!

Again, this may be obvious, but there have been plenty of times when, out of habit, I turn lights on when I do not really need them on! So open those curtains and blinds, enjoy the FREE light being provided and cut those costs!

5) Replace light bulbs/light fixtures with more energy efficient ones.

Today, there are light bulbs that can be bought that are more efficient, brighter and even last longer then older type light bulbs! This is more "long-term savings" but do your wallet a favor and head to your local hardware store and check it out for yourself!

Save Money Making Purchases

Here are a few ways to save money, either online or in a store.

1) Use coupons!

To some this may be "Grandma's method" but hey, it works! Clip out those coupons from different flyers for those products you already buy and put them to good use. If you use 500 coupons a year, with all coupons saving you an average of just 5 cents, that's a savings of $25 and we all know many coupons are worth more than 5 cents!

2) Use coupon codes

This the online version of the above. I never complete a checkout online without searching for some type of coupon code first. I cannot tell you how many times I did not have to pay for shipping or I got a percentage of my order all from a quick Google search!

3) Utilize promotions and smartphone apps

In my area, we have Royal Farms, a gas station that sells convience items as well as coffee, fried chicken and other things. They have an app that allows you to play a simple matching game to earn points. (One can earn up to 54 points- the maximum score- every few days easily, and you do have to be a brainiac to do it!) One can then use those points for a free any size coffee or fountain drink, a free sub, or even a free chicken meal! I have probably gotten over $50 worth of FREE items from this app alone, and there others like it for other companies out there!

4) Research and compare prices

Many people buy something just for its brand and rightfully so, there are certain things I do buy for this reason. But not all things have to be bought this way! In my eyes, toilet paper is toilet paper and I buy store brand. So what if it isn't as "soft" as other brands! Just be more "gentle" with it! Joking aside, there are many products that can help you save money if you just buy the store brand!

5) Barter!

When using sites like Craigslist, or shopping at a flea market, garage sale or yard sale, always try and see if someone will take less money then what they offer. I was always taught that it "Doesn't hurt to ask"! I mean, what's the worst that could happen? They say no? Yet, if you do offer a lower price, most of the time, if people want to sell it and get it off their hands, they will allow the price drop, saving you some money to use elsewhere!

Conclusion: Saving Money is Simple!

Are these the only ways to save money? Absolutely not! There are other ways as well. These are just some practical and simple things that have helped me to save money over the years. So, if your not doing 1 or more of these listed above, do yourself a favor and save some money!


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