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Simple Tips to save fuel for your Car

Updated on June 19, 2012

I don’t keep a track of Crude Oil prices but I am sure, it will keep increasing. So does the fuel price across the globe. The car manufacturers are expanding their market with new manufacturing facilities, new product launches, new market penetration etc.

Raising fuel prices across the world has made manufacturers as well as consumers to focus on reducing fuel consumption. Just following some very simple steps, one can save fuel to a great extend.

Here are some of the steps that I keep following and some which I intend to: -

Plan your Trip

I find lots of people going out several times in their vehicles to purchase groceries, pay bills, to meet their friends etc, but if we plan and combine a lot of activities together, we can save fuel considerably. Moreover the route plan is as important as the trip objective.

Vehicle Speed

Driving between the most economic speeds as mentioned in your car manual can save fuel up to 10%. The economic speed limit is usually 40 kmph to 60 kmph. This also includes changing the gear at appropriate rmp or speed for a manual gear shift vehicle.

Reduce Car Weight

It is often seen that people carry lots of unnecessary materials in their car which may seldom be used. Every one of us know that lesser the load, more the mileage. But we ignore those few kilos. But now you can remember the number to address this issue. Every increase of Approx. 37 kilo (100 Pound) can reduce the mileage by 2 %.

Tyre Pressure

It is advisable to check the tyre pressure every 15 days or at least once a month. The prescribed air pressure by the manufacturer should be maintained in tyres to get the optimum mileage.

Idle Engine at Traffic Signals

If the idle time at the traffic signals is more than 60 seconds, it is advisable to switch off your engine. As the idle time is more, the fuel consumption during idle engine is more than the fuel consumed for start-up.

Car Service

Servicing your vehicles at appropriate time is very essential. The engine and mileage tuning is very important for reducing the fuel consumption. The frequent cleaning of air filters can improve the air flow to the engine thus improving the performance.

Use of Air-Conditioner

The AC system accounts for at least 10% of extra fuel consumption and hence should be used wisely. It won’t be a bad idea to experience a nice breeze after a hectic office day or on a long drive through the countryside. But at the same time, if your vehicle speed is more than 70-80 kmph and you are driving with car windows open, you may end up consuming more fuel due to the air resistance. During such time, it is advisable to drive with your windows closed and AC on.

Shade Parking

I will always suggest parking your vehicle under the shade so that the AC consumption is less when you start your engine from the parking lot.

Walk or Use your Cycle

Walking down the street to the supermarket instead of using your car is a very good idea. You will not only save fuel, but add a healthy lifestyle as well.

Apart from all these steps, there are lots of myths associated with the fuel consumption. One should analyze them scientifically before arriving at a conclusion. One such point I remember is filling the fuel during morning or late night. The common explanation is that during this time, the temperature is low comparing to day time and hence you will find the fuel denser. This means more fuel for money. But the fact is that the temperature of the fuel coming out of the nozzle at the fuel station is always maintained at a constant temperature and the difference is hardly enough to save few bucks.

Another common practice is to use premium fuel to increase the engine performance and mileage. But the fact is that most of the cars in the market are good enough to perform best with ordinary fuel and extra spending on premium product will only reduce the weight of your wallet.

So just relax and enjoy your ride following some simple steps as explained.

Please put your comments on any other fuel saving tips that you follow and found to be effective. I would love to try them.


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    • sujithbeta profile image

      Sreejith k 5 years ago from Kerala, India

      good information . nice hub