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Simple Way to Make Money Fast

Updated on December 15, 2009
Quick Cash Ideas
Quick Cash Ideas

Need to Make Quick Cash?

Someone wrote: "I don't have a job, and I am broke. Any ideas how I can  make some cash before christmas, either online or other ways!"

Are you in need of a quick cash to tide you over a difficult period? Or you need to have some extra especially during the holidays when you need to spend more.

Here are some 3 simple ways to make money fast:

1.  Clear unwanted items in your house. Sell it online via Ebay or craigslist. Or sell it offline as a garage sale (some called it yard sales). Sell it to stores such as Cash Converters or the pawnshop.

2.   Look for odd jobs around your neighbourhood. See if your neighbours need your service such as mowing the lawn, bring the trash to the landfill, paint the fence, hang up the Christmas lights, clear the gutters, paint the house, gardening, wash their car, clear the snow, fix their computer, walk their pet, purne their trees, etc.

3. Create and sell information products on the Internet. I am sure you know a lot about a subject that people will pay to learn from you. Selling your knowledge online does not require a high startup cost.  If you are a newbie, I recommend that you learn from Kevin Riley as he specialises in teaching people how to become infopreneurs. 

To succeed in internet marketing, you need to master 3 components: creating a good product, a persuasive salesletter and getting traffic.

The key to quick money is to automate your business process. provides members with ready-made websites and ebooks. So you only focus on promoting the products.

These 3 simple ways will help you to some quick cash. For more ways, take a look at



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