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Simple Ways To Save Money That You Wouldn't Guess

Updated on April 21, 2012
Saving money now, not later.
Saving money now, not later. | Source

Saving Money In Today's World

Things are getting more expensive by the day. The price of gas is going up, the price of food is skyrocketing, and nobody except the consumers seems to care. Everyone wants to save money so they can afford these simple necessities, or just so we have more money left for ourselves.
This will help you with some simple, creative, or genius ways of saving money.

#1 - Sending Mail

Does anyone still send letters?
Well, for those who do.. Here's a creative way to not pay for postage!

First, Write your letter. Simple enough, right? Then package your letter in a normal envelope.
Second, Write YOUR Address in the RECIEVER spot, and the address of who you want to send the letter to in the SENDER spot.
Third, Put your letter into a mailbox and send it off.

Yes, it is a devious way to save money - I realize that.

This method of sending letters is not always guaranteed to work, so make sure it isn't an extremely important letter. But, it's a great way to save on postage stamps, especially because the price keeps going up.

You'll have to resist this delicious temptation...
You'll have to resist this delicious temptation... | Source

#2 - Food ( What You Don't Eat, You Don't Need )

When you go to the grocery store, supermarket, or variety store.. do you buy things you NEED? Or things you WANT? All the things you WANT are usually either covered in Chocolate, or in salt, right?

This is a great way to save money on food, and to have a healthier, more productive sense of what you eat.

Next time you're off shopping for food, don't grab cookies if you still have some at home; you don't need them. Only buy things such as: cookies, chips, or snacks when you've run out. You can easily do without them for a little while. Though, you should always buy are the necessary things: milk, cheese, butter/margarine, fruits, vegetables, and so forth.
This doesn't mean that you should just not buy any food, your body needs food to survive!

Only buy things you need.

#3- Showers, Baths, And Such

Showers cost a lot these days, What? With the price of heaters, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more!
It's healthy for your body if you shower every other day. Your body needs it's natural oils in order to function properly. Showering every single day can cause damage to your skin as well as damage to your hair.
Bathing takes roughly as much water as showering, but it doesn't get you as clean, meaning you'll have to bathe again sooner.

#4 - Television / Satellite, Internet Savings

Have you ever noticed that you can watch Television on the internet? If you haven't.. you might need to get out a little more. But, either way, this is a simple way to cut back a couple bucks.
You currently pay for both TV/ Satellite and Internet. Why not cancel your Satellite and watch your favourite shows online?
You can purchase Netflix for 8$ a month, instead of your usual Satellite bill.
Or, You could just surf the internet until you find what you want.
You can find the News, TV Shows, Sitcoms, Entertainment, and more online. It's a whole new world!

#5 - Saving on Clothes

Everyone now buys brand name clothes. Why not be rebellious and not buy them?! Save yourself the money!
A simple t-shirt at a Brand Name store (Hollister, Aeropostale, etc) can cost you 15$ for one, or if you're really into brand names, 40$!
A simple t-shirt at a NON Brand Name store will cost you $5 - $10. We all know that's a major snag.
Considering the above, have you ever stopped into one of those thrift stores? Stores such as Value Village, a Thrift Barn, or Used Clothes stores usually carry Brand Name clothes for 5$ or less. You can have what's really in style for really less.

And then there's my favourite alternative: Walmart.


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