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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Earn Good Money

Updated on June 10, 2015


This is a shortlisted list of ways you can actually earn money if you work hard for it. We all need some extra cash once in a while don't we? Maybe we don't get enough allowance from our parents, maybe what they send isn't usually enough especially if you're a student studying abroad or a student itself in general. I've been in this situation and still am, but after about two to three months of research online, browsing for hours over hours, days over days, i've come up with certain effective ways that you can actually make some extra income if you work hard.


Below are a list of ways that you should look through that will help you earn money easily if you work hard:


Love writing? Are you the kind of person who writes every now and then on a piece of paper or in a diary about your daily life or what you've experienced, or you're someone who write stories or good articles? Well for certain blogging sites, you don't really have to be good, because everybody starts of somewhere, not everybody just becomes professional on their own right out of the womb. Take those creative writings that you do, and write creative blogs online for blogging websites that pay you for it. The better your articles the more you get paid for some sites, and some sites pay you for the number of audience/traffic that you bring to your post. Browse online to find websites that pay you for writing and if you put a little hard work and time to it, you can actually earn good money.


Many companies are willing to pay for user opinions. Remember when people from companies would walk around the street and ask random people that fit their survey criteria to fill up surveys or answer the questions they ask regarding a certain product and it's usage? Yes, this is how it works online too where companies put out surveys to evaluate customer experience to improve or change their products to the customers likings. Many and many legit websites are out there that pay for customer opinions. Make sure to answer everything correctly and honestly. Because not able to do so may lead you to not get paid at all.


There are many websites where you can become TUTORS for subjects that you're good at, and you can teach students willing to learn from you from around the world. You choose your salary and students willing to pay that amount will want to learn from you. You teach online through video calling softwares on the website or through Skype, etc. This is effective as it is actually a job rather than collecting money doing Surveys and other ways to accumulate money.


Are you good at designing? Yes? Well then you're good to go! Put your creative ideas/designs onto T-shirts or products and advertise online on websites that you can BUY and SELL. A cool T-shirt with awesome graffiti or designs will attract teenagers and also all age groups who like to dress funky or look good. They will definitely buy something that they are getting cheaper and that looks good which otherwise they can only buy from branded resellers which cost much more. Remember to make great designs and not just random not so attractive ones that are already out there and you can buy them easily for less money online. Make designs that people actually want and can't get easily online. If you're a fashionable person, you would know what trend is going on and what kind of designs people prefer at that point of time.


This is not the traditional garage sale where you sell your unwanted products at home in your backyard that i'm talking about. Well it is the same but this is rather done online. Remember, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"! There are certains things that we all want but are not willing to pay a lot for. So when somebody else is selling it and we find it and it's less than half the price of the original product and also it is in a good condition, people will crave and definitely want to buy it. All the junk that you have in your house that you're not fond of anymore or don't need it and it's becoming a bulk in the house? Sell them off online. Your house will be clean and you will earn from it too. You can use that money to buy something else that you actually need or just save up the money for whatever reason you need it.


Do you make good stuff at home? Like cakes or pastries or bakery stuff? Or fresh juice that people would love? Advertise it online and provide delivery or provide address to collect from and sell them. This way you can make a lot of money buy selling food from home. Also besides food, if you're good at crafting and all that, like making sweaters or making birthday cards, or crafting things, sell them too and you will definitely get paid for it.


This has certain ways to earn from: Firstly, if you're good at designing and are creative, do freelance for it. Create logos, banners, leaflets, posters for companies or people that urgently need it and get paid for it. There are a lot of websites online that you can seek freelance jobs in online in order to work for them and get paid. Or basically anything that you're good at you can do freelance job for it online and get paid for it.

Design things for people. For examples, shoes, gaming console controllers, books, certain products and anything and everything that you can design on, show examples of your work online and people will be excited and want you to design their products for them. You can easily earn from it if you're good at it too.


Don't you like helping people? Be nice and donate blood. You will not only be helping people, you will also earn for it. Basically "tit for tat" but for a good cause. Go ahead and do it, it's good to be nice once in awhile. And you're getting paid for it too, so don't complaint.


Last but not least, the area that you live in, find out what people crave the most there, what do they want to buy but always have to go far to buy them. Sell those things in your area and you will definitely make a lot from it.


- Don't be lazy, work hard for it. Money requires work. And don't believe on those scam/fraud websites that promise to make you a millionaire overnight! Unless you're very very lucky and you win a jackpot or your luck favors you and you become a millionaire overnight, there's no other way to just sit home and earn money without working for it. Even businessmen that sit home and earn everyday, do you think they were sitting lazy on their couch in the living room and suddenly starting making millions? NO! They worked hard for it, established themselves and now they are enjoying the benefit of it. So work hard, play hard! Money doesn't come easy. For the things that i have listed, work for it and you will make some money day by day which once accumulated will end up being a lot.


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    • Itseddyy profile imageAUTHOR

      Ayman Mohd 

      3 years ago from Malaysia

      Dana Tate, thank you very much! :) And you're welcome :) Goodluck!

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      This was a very well-written article, with useful tips. Thank you for sharing.


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