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Sites for Making Money Online

Updated on December 23, 2011

So it seems that today everyone is trying to make their income online. The economy has no room for you so you are looking elsewhere for a source of income. I know how you feel and have been on the same road myself. I am coming up upon my last semester in college with no job in sight so I decided to take action. The web is full of opportunities to make money and I want to share them with you. We all know that you can certainly make money with, but I want to go a bit further and show you some innovative sites that allow you to walk away with cash.


This is a website that every body should signup for. It is a site that will pay you to check your email. Every day they will send you emails that are ads. When you open one of these emails your account will be credited 2 cents. They usually send 3 emails a day. That is 6 cents a day just for checking your email. They also pay you to watch videos. That is right they pay you to watch videos. The best thing is that you get $5 just for signing up and you can cash out at $30. The site has a mixture of things that you can do to earn money. So check this site out. I highly recomend it.


Yeah I said it. You can make money with facebook. This is one of the best kept secrets on the web and I am going to share it with you. In order to make money on facebook you must first signup for a clickbank account at Clickbank is a web site that allows you to paste afiliate links on your facebook wall and get paid commission for each sale that you make. Clickbank also pays more for commissions that Amazon. Just set up your clickbank account then click on the market place link at the top of the page. You will then be directed to different categories of ads that you can choose to paste on your facebook wall. Then when someone comes along and clicks on that link and buys the product you will get paid. You can check your earnings on at any time. So that is how you can make money with facebook. It you are a heavy facebook user you can make some real cash with this method.


Squidoo is another writing website that is similar to hubpages, but it is a lot more in depth. It has a point system that allows to unlock certain features once a milestone is met. The site also includes donation modules so that your readers have the opportunity to donate to a charity of your choice. I really don't know which one I like better. Both sites have their own charm and style. If you like hubpages then you will love squidoo.


This has got to be the greatest idea since mp3 players. This site allows you to play games and win real cash prizes. Some cash prizes exceed the $4000 dollar mark. The site includes a variety of bingo and card games that are very fun to play, especially when you know that you have the possibility of winning cash. The best thing about it is that it is completely free. The ads pay for the cash prizes. Finally the advertising industry is pulling its own weight in the world.


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