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Sitetalk is Pure Scam Site

Updated on October 20, 2011

Last Time I published one hub about " Sitetalk in Pakistan " which have full information about

What is Sitetalk ?

How Sitetalk works ?

What are modes of earning of Sitetalk?

Sitetalk Unaico network is not so much old about one and half year ago this project is launched and from the first day they have strong aim to defeat or challenge Facebook and Unaico Ltd which is the direct sales network be the top most direct sales network industry. Facebook is a social network and Sitetalk also follow this to meet his target and start its building career to beat the giant of social network industry.Days pass and pass and Sitetalk have achieved its first milestone of 1 Million Users which is not a big deal in one million as Facebook growth of joining is 200 times more then Sitetalk.

What is Target of Sitetalk So We Called it as Scam ?

There are many factors which are involved in this to say Sitetalk is Scam Site or Not and I will write them here one by one.

  • Sitetalk hits first to developing countries like Bangladesh , Pakistan and now India as the people there are seeking for jobs and they take the best advantage of it and introduced their business plan with the concept of huge online earning and direct sales network. The main question is here to ask
  • Why don't they open this system in US , U.K , Canada and Brazil first who are the top most in direct sales or any kind of sales network. There business can grow more then they think but they hit the developing countries.
  • More then one and half year passed Sitetalk Unaico have no product in market available rather in their own site only one or two so direct sales network is just the name of their business plan.
  • Sitetalk Unaico attracts people to join their network and earn as free member also by advertising and sharing with your friends you will get paid. But no one even a single free member can't earn a single penny from this system.
  • They attract investors by joining their system will give them incentives , bonuses and rewards of different kinds but only 3 out of 100 have seen those incentives , bonuses or we can say that those rewards and bonuses are just for their own members.
  • Sitetalk claims to be like Facebook , if you open their website you will be amazed to see that their web developers can't even handle their website and they don't manage their database even.
  • Sitetalk Unaico offers OFC earning a share system earning which is not real and not indexed in Stock Market and they are internally using this and giving shares sales / purchase which is giving very less earnings to their investors.
  • Sitetalk have achieved some unbelievable records in Bangladesh and Pakistan as they hit 7 millions in half year in both countries. But they have not much user registered from USA , U.K and any other European countries Why ?
  • The activity ratio in Sitetalk Unaico is about 10% and they are thinking / dreaming of defeating Facebook. The site look is like a non professional designer who are handling this.
  • Their main focus is developing countries as they know that people in developing countries are looking for Jobs and they seduce their leaders to make webinars , functions in their countries and seduce other peoples by their own growth.

Was This Success of Sitetalk ?

Now you will also be think on this that in two years Sitetalk hits more then ten million user which is 900 times more then his first year.The main reason of this growth is their target of developing countries not developed countries where they know that people will not even look their website which is so slow and their staff is nothing professional. The problems which Sitetalk Unaico have are

Problems of Sitetalk :

  • Due to massive sign up (Fake sign ups ) Sitetalk Unaico staff are unable to hold the database of members and they closed even the sign ups for sometime to its members and the reason they are unable to hold their database.
  • The next main problem which investor face was that the OFC network is producing the wrong results and resulting in loss of money for many investors.
  • The website designers cannot be able to fix the bugs in the site for long time (simple as I have said already that they are not professional up to the mark).
  • The different ways of earning by which people joined their network are closed since long time which demotivates the whole community of sitetalk as it is the base of his members to join this network and this results in Sitetalk activity to zero.
  • The Company have blocked the Network bonus , matching bonus , 1BV bonus which are the modes of earning from Sitetalk Unaico are temporarily blocked but this temporarily period is not over for past half year.

Sitetalk Loses Trust of Its Members :

Due to the problems discussed in detail puts the image of Sitetalk down to his members and Sitetalk Unaico industry loses his trust among his all members. The leaders of Sitetalk have put much forced to their down line and show them the incentives / bonuses that they they can achieved but on the other hand new members are demotivated from the start due to the problems I say above in details.

Conclusion / Result of Sitetalk Scam :

All this problems / issues put Sitetalk under Scam category as Sitetalk Unaico have marked his footsteps in Asian countries which are developing countries and they know that they will get some money from these countries , whereas on the other hand Sitetalk have not so much scope in USA and UK and European countries where even no one knows the name of " Sitetalk Unaico "

Sitetalk is now pure Scam website as the one who joins this social network on the thinking that he will earn from it he will just lose his investment and he will never get a single penny / buck from the system. The Company have now Directors , Executives , Team Mangers , Team leaders which are showing their success to new users and motivating them for the work and invest the money but they will not get a single penny in return.

On the basis of above complete information about Sitetalk Unaico you have choice what you think about Sitetalk is Scam website or not. Choice is yours feel free to comment if you have some arguments against this Hub.


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    • profile image

      Miss 3 years ago

    • profile image

      Branda Wan 3 years ago

      I 100% agree your post. My friend was one of staffs and was involving in technical team. There are totally scam from program. It's seem like you got commission or bonus from them. But in reality, they really cheating your points and money from back. Whenever they have complicated financial problem, they move to another country with neglect of his staff.

    • profile image

      Loz 3 years ago

      What happen to Jarle Thorsen and Joseph Merlin's comment? Don't hear from them anymore now that Sitetalk is on IPO and moving to U.S....

    • profile image

      szabiboy 4 years ago

      hey im sabi, from hungary. i was reading every single comments and i felt like i had to share my experience. i ll write and u can decide either to use it or to ignore them. i have joined sitetalk some like 3years ago when i was told to pay 2000euro. i cud pay it so i was like to try and we d see. i was also told it cud take max 6months to see some profit. then a year ...etc. in the meantime they have changed their name website and the list goes on. i have to say i know ppl who had made sevral cashouts but as far as i know they were the 'noblemen' of the sys. lately in hungary they came up with new stuff like bonus cupons for other buisnessis like 10pc off for haircut and pizza whatsoever. the catch is the local business were normaly 100km away feom ur registered home place and obviously u wont fancy an hour ride to make 4euro discount for a pizza..... few days ago i saw sevral warnings from the pakistani federal bureou to stay away from the sitetalk.... starnge. as a conclusion now i think i was naiv however i ve learned my lesson so i wont even listen to anyone who tells me 'easy money' or u have to pay or make ppl join it. i must credit the author for his clear view an comments based on facts. better luck lads

    • profile image

      john 4 years ago

      SiteTalk to Expand into US Market, Signs MOU with Imogo

      Read more:

    • profile image

      alina 4 years ago

      Sitetalk is not a SCAM !! is the great company MLM and the second social media in the world.

      Today 1 share sitetalk is 9,7 eurocent :)

      afther 2,3 years maybe 5 euro .

    • profile image

      Emanuel 4 years ago

      Guys, Very interesting and puzzling comments indeed. I know for sure that some things that happened 4 years ago, or 3 years ago, do not accurately reflect what is going on today. I just have a few questions: If ST is a scam, then why was it the official sponsor of the Budapest World Wrestling Championships in September 2013? The second sponsor was Samsung.

      Also, if you check the Cyprus stockmarket, you fill find a pdf document, 57 pages long, made by the auditing company which audited ST for their stockmarket listing. In that document it explains that GDS bought SiteTalk and are listed on the market. Look up the document, I have it on my computer, read it.

      Another question: Why do major companies like PLAYUS4LIFE, MikyTrade, TradeFight ( individual and self-standing companies, sign an exclusive contract with SiteTalk? These are questions you must answer in a satisfactory way.

      Just some interesting things for you all to chew on :) :)

    • profile image

      Vic 4 years ago

      Now a very old article. I suggest that anyone who joined as a member logs in and takes a look at the progess that has been made.

      It is building in a wider spread of countries now. The reason it was in parts of Asia and Eatern Europe primarily is because the networkers networked and that is where it grew.

      On a very positive note, the company is still here and on good foundations. How many 'scams' last more than a year?

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Global Digital Services Plc


      Is this SiteTalk? Maybe you are fooling people....

    • profile image

      shihab 4 years ago

      There have some people who are anti party of opn & sitetalk.

    • profile image

      raulll 4 years ago

      sitetalk is not a scam is listed stock 01.08.2013 :

    • profile image

      Keira 4 years ago


      I wonder if you can help me to provide more info. I am one of the members of this OPN scam. They are not giving my money back. At first, when I join, they say I am buying shares of the company, but now when I ask my money back, they say I am just buying a membership account, no refunds, but I am free to delete my membership.

      Could you give me advice or resources that could help me do something about this? It seems my chance of getting money back is very slim...

      Please kindly contact my e-mail:

    • profile image

      Andrew 4 years ago

      All i know is that i received just today an imac from their auctions , and paid by paypal , 44,67 euros ... you really need to check your sources better buddy ... I know people who litteraly live from sitetalk money .... Nothing too luxurious , but a really nice large house , They just got a new suv .... And before sitetalk they were almost broke ... But i guess people like you will always be here to "remind" us how evil sitetalk is ...

    • profile image

      zain 4 years ago

      you said that a sitetalk is a scam site so which is the scam free site?

    • profile image

      fda 5 years ago

      why the people against sitetalk?

      site talk is real compnay yes its true.

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Sitetalk / Unaico / OPN management admits that they have failed and their IPO scam is finished.

    • profile image

      Victim 5 years ago

      I just did some research on the health care product they sent me. DON'T


      It's called EVERDAY Vitamins & Minerals.

      All the stuff they have in it exceed Upper Tolerable Limit (UL). Which means they are likely to have a negative effect on your body, sooner of later. The UL chart can be found here

      Also, the high amout of Vitamin E in it can cause trouble when you combine it with Rhodiola rosea, which is also an ingredient of this supplement. The article can be found here.

      Read about what happens when you ingest high amount of Vitamin A, D, E here.

    • profile image

      Victim 5 years ago

      Guys, the author is not saying you can't make money with it. He is saying you make money by scamming people, providing them with 'virtual services', which are free on sites like eBay, Facebook etc.

      Also by convincing your family and friends that they need to buy site talk's health care products to stay healthy. Honestly, if u keep a balance diet, you don't need all these so called supplements.

      Being a victim of OPN, I now have about 21 boxes of unless, not wellknown supplements lying around in my house. They got delivered in Jan and expire in April. Really? Where's their sincerity?

    • profile image

      JOHN 5 years ago

      Joseph: Totally agree wid u...keep it up..

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      LOL. You have proved that you can make a page and rent a hotel room in Canada to try to scam them too, what else?

      If Sitetalk is such a great company, why not do an IPO as Facebook did and instead buy a worthless share on GXG market and exchange their shares for OFC and pretend that you have become public? The market cap (Value) of ST communities according to GXG market is ZERO. The only reason for buying that shell is you are trying not to be charged with fraud. No one is going to be rich from this, except the criminals like you who have arranged the pyramid scheme and the scam.

    • profile image

      Syler 5 years ago


      Check ST Communities Limited

      Somebody is not telling truth here. As I always happened the author of this article is the liar. I even have my certificates in my chest of drawer. Morons!!!

    • profile image

      Syler 5 years ago

      Official Opening in Canada

      Zeekrewards been taken of te market in a year we more than 3 years old. We have been investigated and cleared in every country we are in. Your articles are outdated no exception.

      Why do you keep fool people?

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      What a bunch of BS. They only reason, the people from sitetalk scam are buying a worthless shell on GXG market is to try to avoid being charged with fraud. They want to change worthless shares of company shell (it is about 20,000 Euros) with worthless OFC that they have cheated people out of millions with, so they can claim they have delivered the shares when police comes after them. There is no IPO, no one is going to get rich (except the criminals who scammed people around the world). Don´t be fool, open your eyes and file a police report against these criminals as soon as possible. Read the response from GXG market chef here:

    • profile image

      akash 5 years ago

      tell these ppl who are against sitetalk, blaming that sitetalk is scam, that sitetalk has anounced its complete they can check what is happening their.......

    • profile image

      Truth be Told 5 years ago

      It seems that many who have posted here will this week be eating humble pie. Presently all SiteTalk OFC's are being held by the company MLDS Inc., and they are taking care of the process of converting the OFC's into shares. OPN members are receiving shares in ST Communities Ltd., which is listed on GXG Markets in England and Denmark. So - it has happened as the company said it would. What do you have to say now? Still think it is a scam?

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      They have fooled the people again by claiming IPO in GXG Markets in January 2013. There is no IPO. Check this:

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      Okay Still You Belive on Sitetalk when the Owner and The Main Presenter runs away.

      And You saying that They entered in US so they are out from the other countries one by one as they are moving to new ones.

      Better Safe yourself then never.

    • profile image

      barbra 5 years ago

      I am closely watching all the information about sitetalk and have to say that everything I have just heard made me very wise. Everybody can post very negative information about any company in the world as the internet is the pure tools to make things look good or bad. Analyzing the structure of global marketing taking in to consideration sitetalk as we speak I can only say they doing very good. Now they are in more than 200 countries in the world and still growing. Somebody named Josepf on the beginning of this forum have asked why they are not spreading in Europe e'voila European countries are part of sitetalk already.Soon if I am not mistaken the beggining of 2013 they enter US as they growing much faster than Face book .

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      What a BS !!!

      If it is a serious company they why different governments have issued warnings. Why people involved are convicted criminals and known gangsters? You are not fooling anyone leif, stop your BS. It is scam and nothing else. Unlike your lies, we have proof for everything we post and people can read it here:

    • profile image

      Leif 5 years ago

      It is very sad to envy people who do not know what they write about spreading false rumors just to get readers to his blog, etc.

      I have followed OPN / SiteTalk since its inception and it is very difficult to find such a serious company in this industry. As it always is when a company starts as there are problems to be solved, and they have done very well. All those people who have taken this seriously and worked hard earned big money and the conditions have been the same for everyone. Those who fail, then spreads rumors that it is a Scam for they do not want to admit that it is they themselves that it depends.

      I know that SiteTalk will be listed on the public stock market now in January 2013

      The OPN / SiteTalk was voted as the best MLM company is not a coincidence and has been highlighted in several media last year.

      I would like to see all of you who have gone out and written that this is a Scam come forward and explain you now that reality has caught up with you. Unfortunately, I know many who have had the opportunity to work for a serious business but do not dare because of writings that you joseph merlin and many other spreads.

      do not write shit if you do not know the reality until

    • profile image

      Ahmad 5 years ago

      Mr. Hub now check alexa n thn talk,... Every site take time to improve... N dnt act like a stupid boy....

    • profile image

      haha 5 years ago

      Business for home: OPN – SiteTalk Goes Public – IPO

    • profile image

      true indian 5 years ago

      why left UNAICO Sr.Director Achiever- Atif Kamaran & UNAICO President Achiever- Gabor Venzel from Hungery..They are the TOP Leaders in Unaico !!??

    • profile image

      true indian 5 years ago

      i am STRONGLY agree with above questions ! it is looking like scam !! actually personally i am waiting for last 2 yrs there is no development, no payment system from asian market, and no 1 bv system, 1 bv system is biggest fake, many times they are changing company name like (enigro, unaico, now opn...:) }..IF U WANT MONEY & COMMISSIOINS IN OPN ...U MUST PAY they are plan to collecting 35 euro per annum autoship fee, per 1bv - 2 euro compulsory purchase every week, judge your self before join UNAICO/OPN?

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Is Atif Kamran (the CEO for Pakistan) going to be in Budapest because in this case the Pakistan police likes to talk with him. Never mind, I forgot that he is on the exit control list (ECL) in Pakistan and can not leave the country. Because you are such a "legal" pyramid scam, do you mind to provide address for Jarle, Kenny and Thomas so the police knows where they can find them?

      The game is up, give it up. Even changing name to OPN and buying an old doamin name to pretend you are an old company is not helping.

      People can read all the information about criminal and gangsters involved on this page:

    • profile image

      Samuel 5 years ago


    • Joseph-merlin profile image

      Joseph-merlin 5 years ago

      Hey guys,

      You should update your bullshit here because most of your artciles are outdated or has been closed as a case ages ago. I know it is nothing new out there to bring it here that's why you keep repeating yourselves. So pathetic. Jarle (fakename) Thorsen what kind of ebooks are you talking about? I'll do you a favour I can tell you where to find all the leaders at the same time at the same place. 6th of october Hungexpo Albertirsai Way 1o Budapest/Hungary Europe. Would you mind to send the police, interpol, FBI, CIA, KGB, NSA, custom, etc. They will be there a 10a.m. because if it is true what you are spreading here then the police must come and as an author of this blog it is your responsibility to take charge of this operation.

      Thank You :)

      .... and your welcome for this precious information

    • profile image

      teddybear 5 years ago

      Thanks to this blog I get to know that OPN should not be trusted as it is linked to sitetalk. OPN Ltd is gaining popularity so i decided to make a blog to expose OPN Ltd to warn people about it just like this helpful blog do.

      here is my blog:

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      What a bunch of BS. Who in a right mind becomes the customer of shitty web site and pays 2000 Euros to download couple of free e-books that you can download anywhere? Sitetalk /Unaico/ OPN is a ponzy /pyramid scam that fooled people by telling them that by INVESTING and getting OFC (another BS) they can become rich and that is the reason Pakistan office is closed by police and your leader is wanted by police.

      On the other note, these criminal and gangsters are dangerous and some of them beside white color crimes are involved in drug dealing, prostituation and murder. Look at this page and how Mehran Muslimi the leader of sitetalk sim/ Sitetalk telecom / itel group /Yaboo UK is involved in drug dealing and murder.

      The only way to stop these criminals is to report them to police so they can get arrested and don´t destroy more lives. Look at this page and find the authorities for your country and report them:

    • Joseph-merlin profile image

      Joseph-merlin 5 years ago

      Muhammad Kamran

      You are not invested 2000 euro therefore you didn't loose it. You bought a gold package for 2000 euro and you got goods and services in return for 2000 euro. As a recognition from the company you also got for free 1000 euro in OFC. People who bought packages are not investors but customers. Don't mix up those two things.

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      @Muhammad Kamran

      Dear sorry to hear about your loss , I try my best from the start to save the people from this pyramid scheme.

      But those blind eyes calling me so bad and now they are stopped and thinking of what is write here is right information.

      @ Jarle Thorsen

      You are man of great words. I respect you and your valuable comments to save many lives.

      Thanks and Keep Growing

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Muhammad Kamran

      Sorry to hear that you lost your money. This is what we were warning people all the time. Don´t let these criminals get away. go to this page:

      that has address to different authorities that you can report these criminals. They have already started another IPO scam with name itel group. Only by you and people like you reporting these criminals, we can stop them so more people don´t lose their savings.

    • profile image

      muhammad kamran 5 years ago

      hi joseph how are u my friend

      i am kamran from pakistan

      i have invested 2000 euro in unaico(opn) before a year ago and i don't recover my own money opn is a big scam i have OFC,s with portfolio value of 1870 but cant sale out i try to sale many time but failed to sale them i lost my money and i suggest to all my friends don't do this mistake u wil gain nothing except loss

      joseph i like ur sugession and comment

      your all suggetion are 100% true

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      LOL. Are you saying that God will punish us for not letting you and your friends scam people and take their money? Strange type of God you have.

      Read about sitetlkian here:

    • profile image

      zaheer 5 years ago

      you are foolish and stupid ,just wasting your own time we sitetalkian are not foolish, understand, GOD will give you punish for what you are doing fake and fraud josiph merlin, jarle thorsen

    • profile image

      oh dear 5 years ago

      give up buddy, you're really frustrated, have a break, have a kit kat, relax

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Where are all the people who were saying that sitetalk is going to be bigger than facebook and everyone is going to get rich? Are they on the run from the police so they have no time to post? LOL.

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Rawalpindi, has unearthed another double Shah-like scam in which a large number of people were deprived of their hard-earned money in the name of ‘attractive investment’ in local and international markets.

      The bureau started an inquiry against a firm called UNAICO Pakistan involved in the scam and sealed its office in Saudi-Pak Tower in the federal capital.

      It also froze three bank accounts of the firm and put the name of its chief executive on the exit control list (ECL).


      Atif Kamran, the main character of the scam and the owner of the company, is on the run but his name has been put on the ECL.

      More information:

    • profile image

      Marcos 5 years ago

      Very interesting information....

      Changing the subject a bit... What do you think about Organo Gold?

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      LOL. Here is directly from the oxford programm web site:

      "Priority News email service for all Unaico Members: For reasons beyond the control of Oxford Programme, the Oxford programme member area is unavaliable until further notice."

      Are you saying that you know better than Dan Andersson? I understand that Kenny has to be with sitetalk everyday; his coke habit is not cheap to support. LOL.

    • profile image

      Omg 5 years ago

      Guys you're really funny, honetsly. Thomas and Kenny will never leave SiteTalk, everyday they are with the community. Oxford programme works great, just check it. You can't login because you don't have an account and your're not authorized to use it.

      Hope you have something else good to do.Bye

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Dan Andersson has left the company. There has been a lot of argument among them about the money which is stolen by different people and also the fact that they are changing from a white color criminals to hardcore group. Dan Andersson was on the way out for awhile and his oxford program web site was down. It is back up but the member section is not working. They are also waiting for police to catch up with them and trying hard to be one step ahead of the police.

      He leaving the company can be combination of the following:

      1) He is not happy about his share of the money and the money which was stolen.

      2) Rats leaving the sinking ship

      3) He is scared of hardcore criminals like Hells Angels and Mr. Mehran Muslimi who is responsible for sitetalk telecom (sitetalk sim). He is involved not only in pyramid scam and telemarketing fraud but also in drug, prostitution, illegal gambling, extortion and main suspect in 2 unsolved murders ( 1 in Canada and 1 in Spain).

      The interesting point is that Mr. Andersson has the picture of Mr. Thomas Nordlund on his web site, does this mean that Thomas Nordlund and his son Kenny Nordlund also left or pushed out of sitetalk criminal gang?

    • profile image

      imran 5 years ago


      just call me

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      I am not a kid who can't see what is new Alexa Rank ?

      The point is to inform all of the members and visitors who are still thinking to invest some money in this scam scheme of making money.

      Go to Alexa just check where the Sitetalk Lands , mostly you will be in developing countries , where the base of Sitetalk is totally contradict with his statements.

      Sitetalk have no place in strong market countries like US UK AND others....

      Think yourself ... all the comments and whole article is infront of you.

      You have right to choose what you do.

    • profile image

      Oana Dumitrescu 5 years ago

      Joseph, alexa sitetalk rank has changed, please update it. :)) Good luck!

    • profile image

      Provojik 5 years ago

      Dear visitors and readers, please don't waste time on this blog. The business is running for years and also growing day by day and it will grow in the next years. That's all. My advice is to Think first, don't act like elephants. Wish you all succes!

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago


      Nobody is saying that you can not make money out of scamming people. If you can just pay the bills by scamming your friends and family, sitetalk leaders are paying for luxury hotels, cars, drugs, expensive restaurants and hookers with the money they make from cheating innocent victims. Everything we post here is backed by official statements from government authorities. I just feel sorry for you that you have decided to make a living based on stealing from people instead of an honest work.

    • profile image

      Bojan 5 years ago


      I have not read all the comments, but some of them, which are negative or I should rather say - against SiteTalk.

      I am disappointed, because people are still writing "facts", based on nothing valuable. I can understand that there are some people who want to protect others from illegal systems, which is good and I appreciate. But on the other hand, with giving your comments, based on nothing valuable, you are pushing people away from the good and profitable system. So your protection loses all the sense.

      So I am not here to give you all the real facts and to fight with you, because this system works good for me for the last 2 years. And if you don't believe, come to Maribor in Slovenia and take a look of our team. There is a lot of people who are doing this business full-time. I wonder how they can pay the bills if you can not get money out of the system? :)

      Think about this.

      Best regards!

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      @ Jarle Thorsen

      Thanks for your valuable comments and making people know that what they are doing and getting the money by scamming other people's is not the right way.

      I personally Thanks to you Jarle for all the time to save all others for loosing their own hard money in this kind of Scam Sites.

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      @elrim adwar

      If you are making money with sitetalk, it means you are scamming people, most likely your friends and family.

      I don´t want to see people get scammed by people like and that is the reason I post here, to stop you and others like you to make their dream come true by cheating innocent people and stealing from them.

      Read more about sitetalk scam:

    • profile image

      elrim adwar 5 years ago

      @Jarle Thorsen,

      Sorry sir, I have a real job, honestly I earn real money with SiteTalk. You are so scared with fraudsters, probably you have been scamed lots of times. Live your dream, make it true, don't blame others for their success. Cheers

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Is the same people who were involved in Gold Quest are also involved in Sitetalk? It looks like the Sitetalk SIM is just a front for QICOMM which in turn is owned by the same people behind Gold Quest. People in third world countries are very familiar with their story due to all the media publicity.

      Read more about here:

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      Well All the comments are approved there is no need for me to disapproved any comment , favorable comments are just 1 out of 10 here.

      Those who speaking much in favor of Sitetalk Unaico , it is warned Illegal business in many countries officially. Now if you are still putting your money and waiting for IPO then wait for that... Facebook done it after 7 to 8 years not like Sitetalk just come and make a IPO.

      And for those who are opening their mouths and fingering to others that Sitetalk will make IPO and they will become rich.

      So don't be a child there will be no one who can even purchase a single share , they are not blind that they can't see anything.

      For your Information Open Alexa and check Sitetalk rank in


      Slovenia Flag Slovenia


      Hungary Flag Hungary


      Pakistan Flag Pakistan


      Slovakia Flag Slovakia


      Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh


      Croatia Flag Croatia


      Sweden Flag Sweden


      Austria Flag Austria


      Norway Flag Norway


      Poland Flag Poland


      Germany Flag Germany


      Colombia Flag Colombia


      Switzerland Flag Switzerland


      Italy Flag Italy


      Russia Flag Russia


      Spain Flag Spain


      Argentina Flag Argentina


      Ukraine Flag Ukraine


      China Flag China


      United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom


      India Flag India


      United States Flag United States


      Look this and then speak Sitetalk is just a scam site making millions of people scam round the world.

    • profile image

      Abdul rahim 5 years ago

      Wait until its launch, if it will give its members earning i say you would owe every one an apology?

    • profile image

      abdul rahim 5 years ago

      time will tell, if it gives earning to its member. what will you say then?

    • profile image

      Nadeem khosa 5 years ago

      people Not belive On this compny but it is Real i only say don't waste time and join us site Talk Hurry and Earn Money Ap k Khawbon ki tabeir hai yeh Compny

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      elrim adwar, people like are the reason that these fraudsters chose the third world and east Europe to find their victims. Do you even know what IPO is? It is not a magic bullet to become rich. There must be people out there who will buy your stocks. Most American and European are not stupid about financial matters and will never touch such stocks. There are thousands and thousands of stocks listed in different stock exchanges that have no market.

      You are either one of the fraudsters or stupid. In the first case, try to get a real job and in the second case, try to find some information about these things and read it, so you won´t be fooled so easily.

      Latest information and how to report these fraudsters to police:

    • profile image

      elrim adwar 5 years ago

      Ok sir (@ Jarle fake name), but what you will tell us when SiteTalk will have the IPO??? What then? What kind of mess you will be, honestly, I won't give 2 cents on you. First of all put a real name when talk with us. Cheers

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      LOL. All the BS that syler can write to scam some people. I am sure he put the same time and effort in real work, he could have made a decent living.

      Again we go with comparison with Facebook. Answer the following question if you can:

      1) is face book run by convicted criminal and gangsters?

      2) Has anyone in Facebook leaders ship been involved in pyramid scams?

      3) has anyone in Facebook leadership has been to prison?

      4) Did facebook dissolved companies and keep starting new companies to be one step ahead of police?

      Where the answer to all four questions for facebook is NO, the answer to all four questions for sitetalk is YES.

      Sitetalk is not facebook and will never be a real company. Unaico with it´s new name OPN is just a pyramid scam to fool people in third world countries and get their money.

      Complete information about these fraudsters at:

    • profile image

      andy 5 years ago

      ok , so when Site talk is going to have an IPO ? :))))

    • profile image

      elrim adwar 5 years ago

      Hello guys, nadir and Syler you're right, good points.

      However, everything you say will not stay for long on this page because an asshole delete every positive feedback.

      How can it be such a hypocrite?

    • profile image

      Syler 5 years ago

      IPO scam???

      Do you have guys a slightest clue how much work has to be done for an international IPO?

      You should ask Mark Zuckerberg because he knows exactly. Month and years before everything will be approved by different authorities and even one of them would find something wrong the whole IPO would be dismissed. It's not something like sell something an Ebay. So pull heads out of your ass and think.

      In other way if you consider Sitetalk as a scam site and the board of directors as criminals then you should consider Facebook the same and Mark Zuckerberg as an evil person for stealing other people's idea and making it on his own. He was even found guilty and had to pay settlement.

      What a criminal!!!

      But this is bullshit and exactly the same what you are trying to do with this site.

      By the way people might not realize yetnthat your site is full with ads with affiliate programs and so on you must be an "evil" MLM marketer making money on this people who are coming to visit your site.

      Where is credibility???

      I have a message to thos people who put money in and never take out anything yet.

      What work have you done to make some money out?

      If somebody told you that you would make money simply being a premium member then that person lied to you.

      I had to learn and work a lot to have my directly sponsored people in my network and it is not easy especially if it is not your main profile but not impossible. You have always always always tell to the people that this is not bank and yes you could lose your money as in every kind of business but in my network every single person who I am sponsoring made already profit.

      I want to point it out again such as IPO scam does not exist, the future share valuation is unpredictable can raise up or drop down.

      But right now the company does everything well making contract with companies who would not make business with a scam site. Disney, PayPal, Lightmaker, Wistron IT and much more and these companies would not risk their reputation if they would not 100 percently sure that this concept will so much bigger and powerful then any other before.

      Unfortunately people will always find other pages and stupid not knowledge based information will spread on the internet but if you doubt in something you can always find the information which is independent from both side and true.

      But do not start this business if you are not 100 percently sure because then you will start making things up which not true and leave your downline in shit. Because of this people there are forums like this.

      If you do not do anything you will have nothing simple as that.

    • profile image

      nadir 5 years ago

      thanks for all of you for making comments against and in favor of unaico.i am in this company since march 2011, may be some time company not full fill their promises butt have you all investigate why?

      1BV is closed due to fraudulent activities of some bad peoples like you who first use illegal way to earn when company closed that way for you then you start speaking against company, company is still working very good and moving forward, making trend is difficult butt following trend is easy so you just wait the time when this trend will be easy to follow. facebook also made promise to do ipo in march 2012 butt facebook in stock yesterday. making plan and implementing them is not easy as to make table talk.

      in start company not make any promise to do ipo at any fixed date but company plan was to make ipo in 2012 and now company also have fixed date. the person who is thinking that this company is a scam he/she just wait to see that day. ultimately when company will be on top you at that time will be just make comments.

      thanks to my all brothers

    • profile image

      amais bajwa 5 years ago

      i have wasted my lot of time as well as money (500euro)


      but sitetalk give me nothing

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      The criminals are getting ready to run and dissolve two of their companies, sitetalk communities ltd and Unaico ltd without filing any accounting report with company house.

      Look at the information about these companies here:

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      The pyramid scam is collapsing and the authorities already informed about their IPO scam, so no chance they can fool more people and continue. The leaders are waiting for being arrested and hiding their assets. The sooner you report Sitetalk/ Unaico / itel global group scam and the fraudsters behind them, the better chance for police to prosecute them and may be recover some of your money. Here is list of online resources and link to the local police authorities that you can use in reporting these fraudsters and the companies that they use.

    • profile image

      Muhammad Ehsan 5 years ago

      Dear All

      I am very happy to see all above comments.I think it is very good exercise.We should investigate before we invest.Please carry on this very good exercise and bring more facts against or in favour of unaico and sitetalk.


      Muhammad Ehsan

    • profile image

      true man 5 years ago

      site talk is true system i already earn 300 euro in just two weeks

      .ok its true and i am not from pakistan

    • profile image

      Syler 5 years ago

      It's really funny that you are writing. It just talks instead of you because you are talking about it for two years and the company is still on growing, making real business and fulfilling people's dreams.

      So what about now they are a scam site too after all those award-winning websites what they have created.

      What a out PayPal payment what you were mentioning on your website. Is it fake two?

      They'll be in USA and Brazil this year too. Anyway Sitetalk is available to join as a free member in USA now.

      Is it Facebook, Twitter or Youtube in China region?

      This is the only reason why they started their business there. If you conquer China you are the winner. How come Facebook is not present but this pure scam site is there. Does it make any sense to you or to anyone?

      You'll get the whole picture sooner or later.

    • profile image

      Syler 5 years ago

      PayPal payment is available from now! would surely work on a scam site of course. Pull your head out of your ass and think. Anyway before IPO the structure of company will be available for the public.

    • profile image

      farhan 5 years ago

      no I don't think so, If it is true then what is this?

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      Sitetalk-Unaico-iTel global group joins well known con man Bjorn Koritz to change from pyramid scam to IPO scam. More information on this site:

    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      we can also visit and

      joseph, thank you very much!

    • joseph merlin profile image

      joseph merlin 5 years ago from Jupiter

      Hello Everyone , As Author of This Article I will say that after every moving day SiteTalk is going in dark and what they promised they never fulfilled.

      Sitetalk Unaico is already warned in many countries as making illegal marketing in country.

      Read the Article and Comments you will yourself know that where it is moving.

      Save yourself today , don't complain tomorrow.

    • profile image

      Jarle Thorsen 5 years ago

      If you want to know more about how we scammed you, here is more information:

    • profile image

      towah 5 years ago

      they have no more dealings with towah .. the cards are useless.

    • profile image

      investor 5 years ago

      is Towah not working ? how to withdraw my cash???? please help

    • profile image 5 years ago

      One thing i'm sure about is that their business model is not a pyramid. A person on top may earn less compare to person in his/her downline, depending on how much effort they put in. in business model, it seems aright. I don’t know much about how they are working actually. I hope they would be following their structure.

    • profile image

      kkk 5 years ago

      what are the lastest information???

    • profile image

      obaka 5 years ago

      hey, how can I sell OFC nowdays?

    • profile image

      sitetalkscam 5 years ago

      Look at the Arab guy who is CEO of sitetalk SIM in youtube videos from BBC reality program. He is a known gangster in Spain

    • profile image

      ella 5 years ago

      I Just Join Sitetalk..And Paid 150Euro 3 Week Ago..Its True That The Platform Suck But I Been Inform The Conference In Budapest on 12 may They Will Launch The 2.0 Version...Im The Type Of Person That Taking Chances Because Business Is All About Risk and chances..All i want to know is if you write this based on your own experience..have you been cheated in sitetalk? however after almost 3 weeks in this business this is my short review :

      BAD PART :

      -Never seen their legal License beside the legal opinion from all the countries that been open including china.

      -The Social Platform transformation been postponed twice.

      -the site is a mess.

      Good part :

      -The Towah Card Work Just Fine i cashout money in atm with no problem.

      -Income Came As i Know , Except The 1bv thing is not open yet.

      Overall my experience is still early maybe i might taste the sour part in the end..maybe someone with experience get cheated can come forward and let me know.TQ

    • profile image

      A.R. Malik 6 years ago

      Thanks for this article. I am from Pakistan and attended one of the presentation. In presentation, it seems to attractive and as u know


      I was sad to see so many people involved and putting money in it. I tried to advise them not to do that but now they are showing me the money they are getting. its not enough, they haven't got their invested money till now but happy that they have so called e-shares which market value is increasing and when its listed they will be rich people.

      i have been hearing that they are going public "next month" but its been 4 to 5 months that 'next month' have not arrived yet.

      And about its registration in pakistan, its clear by the above Pakistan govt. web link i.e.

      the company is involved in fraud.

      Please be aware of this scam....

      take care

    • profile image

      Hamid Safdar Ali 6 years ago

      Sitetalk Unaico is the the new SNP concept which involves the network marketing(MLM). It is clearly is submitted that the database is not controlled by the I.T Department dut the unique combination of of SNP, Network marketing & traditional marketing is not negligible. You are much worried about that sitetalk Unaico is very papolar in developing country like Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. If I talk about facebook which given written excuse (misunderstanding) from muslim country only because a maximum user of facebook are from these countries. the big market is these country so therefore they select these countries.

    • profile image

      SitetalkIsScam 6 years ago

      The warning from Pakistan security & exchange that clearly states sitetalk is illegal ponzi scam.

    • profile image

      irfan 6 years ago

      After reading all the article and comments I am finally in favor of the joseph merlin the hub author, he have few points which can not be neglected like MLM, operate in only in Asia where you can make fool people very easily, I even can not find any office in Pakistan no land line number just few cell phone numbers of members, wasting lot of money in seminar like this video..

      they have no office but arranging about 10 seminar in Pakistan only, its not seems normal company to me at all.

      I ask my self why i use sitetalk for social network site or for business, if for social network why i use it if i have top gaints like facebook twitter google plus etc..

      if i use sitetalk like business why i use better freelancer site like or or put my money over my country stock exchange

      why should I beleive them? even they put the money in their own site own database not paying through paypal or moneygram no one will trust them.

      I will put sitetalk in a fraud category.

      If you listen to me please stay away form it, thats my suggestion after 3 hours research over the unaico & sitetalk.



    • profile image

      hassaan 6 years ago

      i've read about MLM, its a pyramid scheme, which is always dangerous from the marketing point of view

    • profile image

      M.A.Kazmi 6 years ago

      First of all i thanks to discuss sitetalk by U. As i read above all and have no hesitation to say that you have not sufficient information about sitetalk, or u have but don't to disclose truth. I invite you to join it and build your business and get earning. you objected why it is working in developing countries like Pakistan India,Bangladesh rater than Europe or US, my dear it is crystal clear that above said developing countries are holding more than 1/3rd population of the world and it is not only sitetalk ltd but all multinational companies Like to do business with these nations b kaz it is a big market of the world. In fact sitetalk is unique and matchless in social media industry all over the Globe. I think it will b a single social media liked by Global community.

    • profile image

      Special Ed 6 years ago

      Amen Hafiz!!!

    • profile image

      hafiz 6 years ago


      first of all i would like to say thanks specialy Mr joseph merlin and other readers who comments on this.

      at the top Mr Rana Nasir not say he is "free member " which you quote this is your mistake.

      it is true that sitetalk is a real company not a fraud or is paying regulary its members not even its leaders or presidents who is working good sitetalk is paying good this is fact.Now in pakistan its sure unaico sitetalk is registerd in SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF are saying OFC is closed 31-01-2012 it is true and i think you know very well in feb 2012 sitetalk is lanuch pre IPO then full IPO thats why OFC closed on 31-01-2012.

      Basicaly sitetalk is purely based on MLM and initialy OFC is gifts for its members so who can work in MLM he can earn as much as he can.

      in last i am asking in MLM system which company oppoint direct leaders managers in each country?

      who work hard and achive the targit he become leader manager and so on.

      so the result is sitetalk is not a scam or fraud.

      i agree in IT department is facing many problems but its not effect on members earnings ok.