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SlicethePie: You Can Make $10 Guaranteed

Updated on August 23, 2017 - start earning money for reviewing entertainment marketing content today. Reviews for content includes music, fashion and TV ads. - start earning money for reviewing entertainment marketing content today. Reviews for content includes music, fashion and TV ads.

How to Make Money On

Let's get straight down to the business model of this pay-for-reviewing website ( Basically, by signing up an account on a user is granted the ability to earn a very small percentage of money for writing up a short review for the content that was under review. By all means this may be a selection of either music, TV ads, or fashion, etc.

So, how can I make money on the site? Immediately alarm bells are ringing and everyones minds suddenly turn to having to put in credit card details with specified pins that render you vulnerable to scams. Well, rest assured that there is none of that tom-foolery on this website as they simply require the email address that connects to your Paypal account so that you are completely secure from the threat of hackers or website scams. Also, take comfort in knowing that is a completely legitimate website and their are many anti-scam sites that will confirm this.

Is Slice the Pie the website for you?
Is Slice the Pie the website for you?

How Much Money Can I Make on

As the title for this article clearly states you can make $10 to be exact. However, if you would like to then you could make another $10... and another $10... and another $10... etc. The point being that the minimum that must be earned to cash the money out on is $10. The repeated amount of times that you can keep earning that $10 is entirely up to you as the user.

To give a rounded up estimate of how much money has been made overall by's users is $3 million out of a total of 29 million reviews. So, maybe you would like to join in on the action and start making some money online today.

A point worth including before getting onto the information about how much can exactly be earned by reviewing content on is that reviews are meant to be short but informative to give the clients a good representation of how the content was received when the reviews were written whilst experiencing the content that has been reviewed.

Great, just another fool-hearted attempt at making money online and all that a person can earn from a singular review on is 3 cents. Well, this is the starting figure to be exact once a person first gets started on making reviews for the slicethepie website. However, times are forever changing and if a person was to persevere on the site and follow their process in answering with detailed, analysed reviews then that person would see the figure of pay increase as more thorough reviews are made using their site.

Now, only 8 cents per review which fluctuates with every review that can sometimes leave a measly 6 cents per review if they see the review as not being unique and well thought out as a different review that was previously written. Yep, but it is also worth mentioning that per review anything up to and possibly above 20 cents can be made.

Not making millions for the bank, but this is certainly a fun way to make a few bucks without having to do anything but review the entertainment content that best suits your interests.

How to Stretch the Money Making Machine on

Invite friends to join in on the fun, and as an added bonus by using a unique code to you they can start earning money whilst at the same time you will earn 10% of everything that they have made as a referral bonus. To clarify, this will not alter the referred party's income from the site, and as many people can be referred as you like.

So, in theory, if a referred person successfully signed up to using your unique referral code then when they earn $10 (which they will keep entirely) you will earn a bonus from this of $1. Not a great sum but every little helps, and this is the fun behind using the site, as if say for instance a person put in the hours and made $100 on the site then you would make a bonus of $10 from this.

The key behind this is to remain a committed site user as it is genuinely a lot of fun when you put to the test friends and family members to see if they can make $100. The website is an insane place for money to be made, and sure making that $100 is going to take a very long time but that is why it is fun in my opinion.

If at this point you are feeling a contempt for the possibility of giving the site a try then why not show your support by popping in the referral code for this persons dedication to slicing the pie by (when signing up for SlicethePie) entering in the CODE: U2EB4FD7, or by simply copying and pasting this link to your web browser

Want to Join Why not join the referral squad by using the code U2EB4FD7 when signing up on
Want to Join Why not join the referral squad by using the code U2EB4FD7 when signing up on

Setting Goals on

As a dedicated user on I have written a fair share of reviews and it has not been anything of a disaster from the standpoint of whether or not the site can keep a user contempt for sticking around to write a few hundred reviews, possibly even thousands.

The first problem for many when using this site is that it will immediately before even writing your tenth review feel terribly repetitive. Then, once you have made your first dollar there will hopefully be a sense of all round applauding that the site is not so horrendously built in terms of user-ship friendliness.

The second problem to overcome when using this site in a seriously somewhat dedicated way is that it is not overall a site for making money. That is just the side to the site that offers fascination because like all online sites that offers the user money for simply providing feedback for marketing purposes that is little more than a nod of appraisal for a wide audience to either give or not to give is that they are not giving out the money in large chunks but rather in the dropping of coins to the ground. Anyone can take these coins from the ground but exactly how much money is a person going to receive by simply picking up silver coins from the ground.

Although, this is not directly as bad as I have eagerly pointed out above in a tense dislike for marketers on the masses since there is some fun to be had in being a user on

Third problem is the continued hate that the site offers in terms of content as there is so much bad entertainment that must be reviewed. But, it is worth mentioning that the site rewards its more dedicated reviewers as they are the ones more likely to catch the break getting the better content to review unless they suddenly stop visiting the site for a few months and find themselves at the bottom of the heap of trash that must be reviewed.

The Goals - Making the Money Making Machine Work for You: On SlicethePie you are going to be the first to complain about the business model that they have in forcing their users to trail through the rubbish that they will force you to review. The key is to stay focused on the depth and detailed reviews for each piece of content under review as that detail and depth is what the marketers want to use. There will be key words, properly used grammar and punctuation that they will be traipsing through that will lead to better money earned per review made. Although, remain completely open to the process and write no more than a paragraph, sometimes this may only be no more than a few lines but this is all that is necessary. Do not think that just because you have written a one hundred line review that there will be an uptake in the money that will be earned per review as this is not the case. The way the site works is that they will cap earnings at probably 20-30 cents per review and this is more than likely for the content that has a higher marketing output.

By reviewing more regularly on the slicethepie site there is a far greater chance of getting higher output marketing content that will be far more entertaining to review than a lot of the lower output marketing content that will subsequently pay less to review.

A challenge that I have set myself over the up and coming months is to write reviews far more frequently so that I can see if it is possible to make $100. I will track the amount of time that I spent on the site writing reviews and once the amount is reached I will add to this article the details on whether the income per review increased after a certain frequency of reviewing or not. Imagine referring 100 people/friends and all 100 people earn that ridiculously long to earn $100, an amount that in bonuses would pay $1000. Just a theory, as in practice making the $100 would take quite some time, but coupled with some seriously dedicated referrals it would be interesting to test this site to its limits.

Setting a Goal: How About Making $100 on
Setting a Goal: How About Making $100 on

Slice the Pie: Road to 100 Dollars

This is the final step for this corner of the web for most dedicated minds looking to test a site to its limits.

Once I have hit the goal of making $100 from the Slice of Pie website I will submit below the amount of hours that it took to complete the goal, this excluding the referrals bonuses that have been made.


Hopefully this article has offered some much needed insight into the money making site known as

Any questions or thoughts pop them in the comments section below.


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