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Small Investorsmarkets are moving up

Updated on September 15, 2009

recession is over

From east to west and north to south the consensus is that the recession is over. Most of the bears have gone into hybernation or are standing around raising hell about the market headed for hell in  a hand basket.

The market is headed only one way in the long run and that is up. there are several reasons, the main one being that companies are reporting record profits and in this climate the markets go up.

In four months the stock market has gone up over 55%.  China, which has been part of the world slump is also experiencing record company profit growt, fueled by small companies and green energy as well as gas and oil stocks.

I have stayed away from Chinese stocks since the big burn off two years ago.  I missed a huge change to turn a brilliant profit by hanging on for three days too many and saw the whole stake wiped out, though I did salvage the initial investment.

Over the p;ast few months I stuck with blue chips and dividend ayers, as well as aaa small caps and was able to gain a small profit.  The best stocks to own now are Apple, Bidu, EWZ, Cwt, swi, fslr, IBM, first Surgical, and goldman Sachs.

Gold went nuts today, last time I looked my god index stock was up $20.00, I wish I had put more shares aside but I was nervous and that's what I get. I messed around with a stock called zoom and lost $34. which is unusual for me, unless the bottom drops out temporarily. In that case i just hang on. the stocks will come back.

Early in my investing exp;erience I bought and sold too many stocks which cost me my profits. the picks were good I just didn't hang on to them, selling at the first sign of a little profit taking. another stock is Google.  It has its tenticles into everything and one day will be the biggest player on the tech street. Rimm and Pcln are sure to be tremendous players and will follow Google to the top. i sold the stock I paid $85. for but felt the stock wasn't doing as well as Tnh. Look at Tnh now and look at Google. 

I stopped paying much attention to Kramer, who I feel is just another insider who is cheerleading for both winners and losers.  He probably picks more winners than losers but I can't afford to buy al those stocks. Buffet is still the smartest and wisest investor in the market. When he retires he is going to be missed.  He made a huge killing after taking a few hits on smaller stuff. Once again he p;roved he knows what he is talking about.

I am invested to the hilt and today really paid off.  the last five days have been winners but today was a barn stormer.  This market is going to tazke some patience but I am positioned right where i want to be for the gains through next December. 

yes, there are going to be jolts and it doesn't hurt to be repared for them.  But I think the small investor needs to get in now, before the herd comes marching in and I pack up my profits and get out. I follow buffet. He buys when everyone is selling, and sells when the herd is buying. He is buying now, in anticipation of a large influx of cash that will follow the new bull market.

this market will hapen, even though there is higher than usual unemployment.  The key is in the company profits and the stir being felt in the retail sector which has been silen for far too long.  there is a lot of p;ent up demand out there, money on the sidelines and shoppers who want to get back to their favorite store.  The next couple months should see shoppers returning in hordes and a near record Christmas.  there is a lot of pent up demand for tech devices and this Christmas should be a blockbuster.

I hope that blogger who asked me for tips took my advice.  Those stocks are all up, especailly Apple, Rimm, and Bidu.

Ilook for petroleum stocks to head to the stars.  A real buy is PBR Petrol Brazil made a huge oil discovery and will be floating a new stock for investors who want to get in on the ground floor.

Here are some last minute picks which are up; hugely and should continue the same direction for awhile. NVDA is up 74% and can be bought for around 8 bucks.  Micron tech *MU is up 82% and is a bargain at 8 bucks.  BYD. a Buffit owned company makes tires and is up 554% in China.

Watch ROKU streaming Internet content partnered with netflx, amazon, and monto take on the cable companies by selling a box for $100. and giving you free content forever.! Those high prices now charged by cable may soon be a thing of the past. That is good old Yankee ingenuity invented by the Japanese.

I own the stocks mentioned but I don't make anything by reccomending them.  I put a lot of research into stocks before i buy them. I don't make too many mistakes but i have made a few doozies.  thankfully, I have learned from my mistakes.

good luck until next time.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      I liked it as I am an investor.