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Smart And Final Has Evolved! What A Great Place To Shop!

Updated on November 22, 2010

Smart And Final Is Now A Family Grocery Store!

Years ago, when my husband and I catered weddings, we had to buy in bulk. Smart and Final was the store we chose. They had everything we needed, including cooking utensils and tools. The store has changed. It still has everything a restaurant or catering company requires, but it has an added element; it is now also a family grocery store with great prices. If you haven't shopped there in awhile, I recommend that you give it a try.

Several weeks ago, I received a Smart and Final circular in the mail advertising that the store is now family friendly, stocking items that families buy every week. The ad pulled me in! Halloween Candy was at such incredibly low prices that I made a special trip. I had not been in the store for 25 years because I stopped catering. I am so glad I went! They have a beautiful produce department, with prices that rival the Farmer's Market where I buy fresh produce. While their meat department was not all I hoped it would be, they had Foster Farms chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound and cream cheese for $1.39 per 8 ounce package.

I noticed families doing their weekly shopping and know why. The answer was plain and simple. The prices allowed these families to shop, purchase high quality foods and pay low prices without having to buy a membership card. They could buy things in bulk as well as purchase regularly sized items. I did notice that some of their dairy products were on the high side of the cost spectrum, but they had sales in that department as well.

Try The New Face Of Smart And Final!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, my mailbox is filled with ads from every grocery store in town. I usually throw them all away, with the exception of the ads from the two stores where I do my weekly shopping. Holiday circulars are the exception. During those times of the year, I throughly review all of the ads, searching for the best prices on the ingredients that I need to cook the huge feasts. Now that Smart and Final has changed, I will be reviewing their weekly ads as well. I pass the store everytime I go to my favorite supermaket. Depending on their sales each week, I may stop there on the way. If they have everything I need for the week and their prices are better, I may skip my favorite grocery store altogether.

If you are looking for some extra savings, check out the new Smart and Final Plus stores. If you have never shopped there, you will like it. If you were a customer long ago, you will be amazed at the family friendly changes they have made. At the very least, a visit to Smart and Final will save you some money!

There Really Is A Mr. Smart And A Mr. Final!

In 1914, the Santa Ana Grocery Company was sold to Mr. J.S. Smart. His partner, Mr. H.D. Final joined the deal. These two men changed the name of the company to Smart and Final. They moved the location of the company to San Pedro, near the docks and their business boomed. Although the business was acquired in 2007 by Apollo Management, Mr. Smart and Mr. Final really do exist. The company has expanded to several Western states and northern Mexico. They have 282 retail stores under different names in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. To my surprise, after doing some research, I learned that my fresh produce store, Henry's Farmer's Market, is owned by Smart and Final. The company owns similar stores in Texas, under the name Sun Harvest Markets.

The company's growth is due to two things: the need for non- membership warehouse stores that cater to restaurants and other food service industries and the need for family friendly, low priced grocery stores. The company business plan includes increased growth and expansion. They seem to have a winning business plan.


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