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So the University of Nairobi Students are Prostitutes! That's Last Century's News, Rachel

Updated on March 10, 2013

Let me simply say that I am having the time of my life as I write this! My colleagues at the University of Nairobi (commonly known as UoN) are not as jovial though. And Man, Are those ladies and gentlemen mad! Not literally mad, although we do not wish to entirely disregard this possibility, but lets use the figurative part of mad for now.

Their tremendous ire, which has made this self-proclaimed Kenyan political pundit take to the blogosphere with such trivial matters like the struggling academia of a third-world country, is directed at the Nairobi Women Representative-elect, Miss Rachel Shebesh.

Not that they think Miss Shebesh won the seat in a flawed way nor that she won't represent the woes of the Nairobi woman competitively in the 11th August House. Not at all. After all the days of Kenyan Undergraduate students engaging in active politics died a long time ago. And Shebesh was unanimously elected into the August House by an electorate that thought she was the bomb to the extent that they christened her 'Manzi wa Nairobi'. The Nairobi Woman.

Taking Issues With Rachel Shebesh

Rachel has literally bit the hand that feeds him. In an interview televised live by a National Television Station, Rachel had the audacity to call the students in Nairobi university prostitutes! Here is her exact quote for those who might have missed the interview:

“the Chancellor of Nairobi University just needs to wake up and realize that there are girls in the University of Nairobi whose work is to wake up and go to class and by four they start preparing to go and prostitute themselves.”

Ok, maybe it isn't much of an issue. But the whole body of the university of Nairobi is aggressively irked. They are irking for the blood, or an apology from Rachel.

Now let it be understood that these babes from the University of Nairobi are not saints. In fact, it won't be the first time anyone is endearing the term sluts on them. The News Media and Social Media are rive with cases of these academia class of the University of Nairobi dishing it out to the man whose pockets are deep enough to withstand the storms of their wanton luxuries. There are like a thousand Facebook pages which advertise "Campus Divas for Rich Me." Police swoops for illegal soliciting has netted one or two of them from time to time. Some have been killed and others disappeared without trace as they were taken by friend and pimps to be introduced to a rich man.

Our institutions of higher learning have turned into early graves for our youth who have so far turned a deaf ear to the AIDs crusade message that started as far back as the early 90's. The youth in our universities just do not care as long as they get their good share of a good time and some extra money to supplement the government student's loan.

So, why this sudden outburst when Rachel repeats what is common knowledge to everyone of us? Did the University of Nairobi students think that Rachel Shebesh would advocate for more liberal trade practices for their 'sector'? I honestly do not see the reasons behind all this fury by the UoN student body. Prostitution in our Universities is not a strange phenomena.

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HIV/AIDs prevalence Study On Kenyan university students, EALP/IUCEA 2009


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