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Be sure to check your receipt to be sure the sale price they lured you in with was actually discounted correctly.

Updated on January 31, 2012

Always check your receipt to see if the system actually discounted the sale item.

Grocery shopping is a money mystery, we have all become pretty accustomed to a trip to the grocery store is going to be $100 and some. It actually happened to me today, we went shopping for our traditional Thanksgiving feast and we selected the store that was selling turkeys at $.24 per pound with a $20 minimum purchase.

After filling the cart, I didn’t think too much with the final bill coming up to $130 and went ahead and paid the bill ready to head to the car. After all it was a pretty full cart with a lot of extra things we needed to stock up on so I was not surprised. I was just ready to get out of that crowded store and get on home.

Because the turkey was on the bottom of the cart and the last item that was listed, I just so happened that I glanced down at the end of the folded receipt as the clerk handed it to me, hum $22. For a 22 lb turkey is closer to a $1.00 per pound and not the advertised $.24 that I came for.

When I told the clerk that the turkey was on sale, she asked for her manager to come over, the manager told her that needed to be manually discounted in the register. The clerk looked surprised with this new information; the manager went ahead and processed a $17.70 credit to me.

As I walked from the store I was glad to that I caught this little convenient error, but as I reflected the time being close to noon, and this sale had already being on for 3 days I just wondered, how many people really got the discount.

This is no mom and pop operation either. This is a new store with very sophisticated and up to date technology. This price discount should have already been in their system. I don’t think they are out to fraud people, but it is interesting and means we all need to look at our receipts closely no matter how much of a hurry we might be in.


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