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Social Security "A New Threat from Bush" by John Dingell

Updated on July 20, 2007

Bush Still Trying to Privatize Social Security

According to Congressman John Dingell, although he isn't saying much these days about Social Security, he is quietly pursuing his efforts to privatize this program which provides a vital lifeline to so many Americans. Bush, in a recess appointment, named an avowed enemy of Social Security, Dr. Andrew Biggs, deptuty director of the Social Security Administration. Dr. Biggs is pursuing his longtime goal of killing Social Security. ''Social Security reform featuring personal retirement accounts doesn't just send one liberal sacred cow to the slaughterhouse. It sends the whole herd," Biggs wrote in a 1999 paper titled "Social Security Reform and the New Deal Paradigm." In this paper, his thesis is that the dismantling of Social Security would ideally lead to the dismantling of all or many New Deal-era social programs. Here's a link to Dingell's op-ed in the Detroit Free Press, July 20, 2007.


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