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Some students finish their college with part time jobs

Updated on March 16, 2014

Part Time Job

In the elementary and high school years of education children would not be allowed working for it is against the law for minors to work not unless there are permit to work like in the television or commercial industries there were children who were working as an child actress or child actors or commercial models. But in college there would be time to work and I have know many people who finish working while doing part time jobs. It is inspiring of how they managed their time in working part time and there are really many are in to part time jobs while in college to support their studies and help their family from poverty. Though the jobs are stiff one would not be likely to get in the jobs and it is a great challenge for each individual to do the part time jobs while studying college.What are the part time jobs mostly student applied to? College students mostly applied in food stores like restaurants or the famous Mcdonalds and KFC. Food stores are really a great help to the students and I have seen many food stores employed mostly students and it is a one way for helping out the society.


Pros and Cons of Part Time Jobs


Part time jobs are essential to students who have low income. Some need to support their own study. Others just love to support their own selves. These are just the reasons why some students do part time jobs. Not only students do part time jobs. It could be anyone. Part time jobs is not a full time job. Full time job is another topic.

Achievement. Having finish your studies with having a part time job can be a great achievement. Having that kind of experience gives a great fulfillment. It may add to a good resume. It gives a competent experience to the resume especially making a balance in studies and a part time job.


Having a part time job is a tiresome. Some needs two jobs to meet some financial stability. It is either two part time jobs. Some students have part time jobs and it needs time management. It is a great task to balance once time, studying and working. You have to be focus. There may be time that required you to study more and you you may won't afford to absent in your part time job. It may be stressful to your health. There are part time jobs that are heavy manual labor. Jobs had many competition and one may be forced on a heavy manual labor part time job. After that one may find weary when it comes to study. It is just one to overcome. The balance of part time job and studying.


Possible Causes of Having Part Time Job


We cannot deny that our world there were people who were born wealthy and there were born who were not wealthy. It is a fortunate life if you were born in a wealthy or average family but what if you were born in a poverty life. With the rising population there were many who were in the poverty life and day by day they were struggling to live and find ways to move to the poverty line of life. Mostly there were many families in the poverty line of life that were a big family like they were about half or one dozen members in the family. It is a matter of relief that they had manage to live and survive in the ever crowded and competitive world.

Pursue a Degree in College

Education would be the biggest challenge of the family in the poverty stage of how are they going to support their children to send them to school. Public schools are cheap and it will be a big opportunity to send their children to school at low cost or affordability. But there are really unfortunate children who were made by their parents work especially in the third world countries.

Self Support

We all support each other. One may decide to be independent and it is a great choice. One would pursue his dream. He may finish his studies while working as a par time worker. There are jobs though that don't require college degree. There are people who do part time job in their college and it is a great achievement. Some law may require for students to have self support in college like having a job at the age of 18. Some parents would encourage to have a part time job. Though most are supported by their parents. Some would choose to be independent.

Part Time Job Benefits

There are part time job benefits. It is good for a worker or an part time worker. Some part time jobs offer benefits. The benefit could be a health benefit. Health benefit is crucial to work. It is a big help when it come to unhealthy time. Who knows one could be sick. A 13th month is usually included mostly in the benefits. A year end bonus can also be great. Sick leave benefit may or may also be included. A sick leave with pay is great. There are many part time workers benefits from the benefits.

Do you like part time while studying?

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      9 years ago

      I think nowadays it is very necessary and important for college students to have a part time job. I worked for Vector Marketing for 3 years while in college. It helped me pay for college expenses and was flexible with my hours. I preferred working there over a fast food restaurant (I used to work at a fast food restaurant when I was in high school so I know it's not the greatest place to work).


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