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Sovereign Funding Group Structured Settlement Annuity Payment Buyer Review

Updated on June 12, 2011

Sovereign Funding Group, with over 15 years of industry experience, specializes in offering convenient and no risk services to help with the selling of your deferred payments, which include Structured Settlements, Annuities, Lotteries and other payment streams.

One of the most difficult periods in your life is when you need immediate access to your money but can not get it because your monies and funds are tied up. Your cash needs can range from the immediate short term expenses, to long term bills such as financing your child's college education. During these times you need options. A direct buyer.

Sovereign Funding Group
10430 Fair Oaks
Columbia, MD 21044

Buy a Future Payment Stream

Sovereign Funding states that there are times when a longterm, guaranteed stream seems like great thing and you think that you will never have to worry about your future personal finances. But then, things might change, a new opportunity presents itself that requires an investment of capital.

At Sovereign Funding Group they work to turn your financial obstacles into more realistic opportunities. They will work with your income stream, be it a buy future payment , an annuity payment stream, a mortgage note, a lottery winning or a litigation settlement. They can turn future money into cash now for you.

Sell your real estate notes for cash.

Per their website, they offer no-risk consultations. They state that they can get you cash now for structured settlements, annuities, lottery, sell your annuity payment, sell your structured settlemnet.

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    • profile image

      B.A.@EquityIndexedAnnuities 7 years ago

      Was searching anything about "Sovereign Funding Group", and chanced to encounter your hubpage. Truly great information on Sovereign Funding Group!

    • profile image

      IslandVoice 8 years ago

      This is very interesting GSS. In this financial circus we're having, we need to know what options we have to survive and to find cash. This is something i will share with my husband. Thanks!