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Spending less or more this Christmas

Updated on December 8, 2012

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost already here and we are all shopping for Christmas gifts. We either give gifts that we make or the easy thing to do, give presents that we purchase at the stores. With how the economy is lately, I've noticed that some people are saving money by not purchasing as much presents as before.

This may not be something to worry about because to a lot of people Christmas isn't always about receiving but more about giving or they just want happiness within their family. I've heard of some children not asking for presents but for their parents to be able to get a job because they don't have one.

Christmas has never been about presents for the most part but that is what makes it interesting for the little kids, sometimes even the adults. But with how the economy is now one would think that some people would be spending less, however that isn't the case for a few people that I know because they are doing well financially and they are able to afford to buy everyone gifts.

I find myself spending less this year on Christmas presents, reason being I don't have too many people to give presents to and that I am actually going be the sales that the stores are having and taking advantage of it is good. Do you find yourself spending less or more this Christmas season? Are you happy that you are taking advantage of all the sales the stores are having?


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