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Squidoo Review

Updated on September 25, 2011
Make Money on Squidoo
Make Money on Squidoo | Source


This hub is all about my experiences with Squidoo in comparison to other similar revenue-sharing websites such as eHow and Hubpages. If you are wondering about what website is best to make money, read on.

$100 on eHow

In the past, I have made a little over $100 online. This is a pretty darn good amount of money considering the very small amount of time I put into the content that I wrote. This money was made on eHow. However, eHow ended their WCP (Writer's Compensation Program), so I'm not getting paid anymore. This is one of the reasons I started on Squidoo; I wanted to make money like I was on eHow.


So far, I haven't earned any money on Squidoo. I have been on Squidoo for over a month and haven't seen any results. I have been told that Squidoo takes a long time to start making money, so I'm hoping I will eventually make some money. However, it is very discouraging to be working so hard and not see any money. The thing I do like about Squidoo is its point system. Even though I am not making money, it is still exciting to earn points by being involved and to level up. Trophies and quests are also great additions to the excitement of Squidoo. Squidoo is fun to use; however, I am not seeing any profits yet. I would say Hubpages is more profitable (I made 7 cents within the first few days of publishing my first article, which is more than Squidoo!) than Squidoo. Squidoo is good for promoting your site, though. Overall, I would say go to Hubpages before Squidoo.


8/11/11: Today is my second payday on Squidoo. Today I found out that all of my months' of hard work hasn't payed off. So far, Squidoo is nothing more than a good waste of my time and effort. I really hope that I can make some money here. Two months of hard work....

9/20/11: Turns out I actually will make some money on Squidoo! After two months, the stats showed that I made a whopping $1.55. It's better than nothing, but still not very much considering I spent two months making great articles. But, whatever. It's something.


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    • Little Red Wagon profile image

      Little Red Wagon 6 years ago from The South

      Go read "Squidoo Payday Questions and Answers" at A lensmaster will get paid "2 months after publishing their first lens".