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Standards To Live By

Updated on May 19, 2012

Do You Have Standards To Live By?

What are your goals to push you forward into excellence? Do you have a road map to guide you to your purpose and/or destiny? I have come across the 8 Keys of Excellence that was created by Bobbie DePorter. Not only am I impressed with every single key, but I believe every individual on the planet should know about every single key to excellence. Not only are these keys powerful, but America has lost its way when it comes to living in integrity, which is the first Key of Excellence.

#1 Live in integrity

What is integrity? Do you know when you are living outside of the boundaries of integrity?

* Integrity - Honesty, sincerity, and wholeness. Integrity is to live a lifestyle of honesty.

# 2 Acknowledge Failure Leads To Success

One of the most difficult things for anyone is to acknowledge failure. For me acknowledging failure is extremely diffiuclt due to my unwillingness to never give up. But I have learned that it is only the beginning to a step toward excellence. If you never acknowledge your failure; how will you move on to the next step in your journey to excellence. Failure means you tried, it does not mean you have been beaten. Acknowledging failure to me means you are willing to try again.

#3 - Speak With Good Purpose

I am a creature of passion and purpose. To speak with good purpose is my favorite key. I try to practice speaking with positive and good purpose on a daily basis. I assure you it is not easy, but one can learn to speak with good purpose regarding all things that concern them, as well as with others.

#4 - Live In The Now - This is it!

Can one really live in the now? The answer is with a resounding (((((yes))). It took me years to understand what living in the now really meant. Being human beings our minds will go off course into tomorrow. Our minds will naturally think on okay what do I have to do tomorrow? But thinking this way takes us out of the present, and we can not fully enjoy all that is good right here, and right now.

#5 - Affirm Your Commitment

How does one affirm their commitment? For me by doing at least one single thing that brings you closer to your goal everyday. OMG!!! #6 - Take Ownership - This is so huge for me. When you take ownership you own who you are, and what you are doing with your life, mistakes, and all. This is very important. If you don't take ownership, you are stuck in the blame it on someone else game. This simply is trying to pass off what you did or did not do to someone else. If you never take full ownership you will never be able to deal with the who you really are in order to change what needs to be changed in order to move on to excellence.

#7 - Stay Flexible

This is another OMG moment. You have to remain flexible. In life so many times things just aren't going to go the way you plan no matter what you do, or how many times you try to do it over, and over. When you stay flexible you really open the door to the Universe, and faith to guide you in the direction that you need to go.

#8 - Keep Your Balance

I believe every single key is essential in living a life of excellence, and becoming a productive individual. Keeping your balance is soooo important, because it is so easy to get out of balance. For me learning to keep my balance was another one that was not easy. I enjoy my work so much that it is so easy for me to tip out of balance and work all the time, and not have some time just to relax. Having time to relax brings you back to your center, and your focus point. For me this keeps you in harmony with who you really are. For me a point of focus can be your faith, or just having time to meditate or pray will keep you in balance which is key to your excellence.

Thank you Bobbie DePorter for creating these 8 Keys of Excellence. I know they have had a big impact on many lives across the globe, and will continue to impact lives for many, many years to come! Thank you Lisa Smith for introducing me to Bobbie, and the 8 Keys of Excellence!


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