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Stanley Steemer Coupons

Updated on November 10, 2012

Save on carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning with Stanley Steemer coupons. Stanley Steemer is a popular cleaning service franchise with over 300 locations all around the United States. They offer carpet and floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning and more for residential and commercial buildings. This page is a resource for saving on your cleaning service with Stanley Steemer coupons, discounts, and special offers. There are several ways to get a good deal on carpet cleaning. Read on to learn how.

Stanley Steemer Discounts and Coupon Sources

Stabely Steemer offer discount online from their official website. Click on the "Specials" link and enter in your zip code. they will then show you the discounts and special offers available in your area. Examples of special include getting 50% off the cleaning of a piece of furniture when another piece is cleaned. You will also find deals such as $25 off select services, and package cleaning discounts.

You must notify the technician of your coupon or discount when making your appointment. Coupons and discounts cannot be combined with any other special offers. Each Stanley Steemer location may have their own coupons so make sure your coupon is accepted by the location you call.

For printable Stanley Steemer coupon, check coupon websites such as RetailMeNot and These coupons do expire and new ones are posted frequently. To find coupons that can be used by your local Stanley Steemer, it is best to check the official website.

Check local mailings such as coupon magazines for clip out coupons for Stanley Steemer services.  Also look for coupons in the ads section of the Sunday paper. 

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning


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