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Set Up An Seller Account Start Making Money On Ebay Today

Updated on November 6, 2011

 If your new to Ebay don't be afraid. It is the most simple to use online money maker on the internet right now. It receives over 2 million visitors per day and processes $1000 in sales every second! If you are looking to make some extra money fast online or want to start your first business then ebay should be at the top of your list. eBay is as simple to set up as it is to set up your facebook account. You can set up on ebay within 30 minutes. Once you've set up your eBay account, head straight over to Paypal and set up and account with them also as you'll need one of these too, to buy the majority of items on ebay and also if your planning on selling its a fast way to be paid. Paypal is accepted by huge number of online stores too as it is a fast, simple way to pay for your items online.

Once you've set both of these up ( maybe take an hour if that ) your ready to go! Before you start to selling it is a good idea to buy a handful of inexpensive items to get you familiar with eBay. You want look for items with a "Buy it now" Option this means you can by the item immediately and sometimes they'll be shipped out same day if you buy promptly.


Once you've bought a few products and got your Positive Feedback you can now start selling as you won't be seen as complete beginner. They key to being a great seller on ebay is:

Making a great title so you can attract as many buyers as possible.

Making Clear Pictures.

Making Clear Factual Descriptions, With all the details. What the product is and its condition.

And Posting items out promptly.

If you are selling something that may be quite expensive and your accepting to be paid by Paypal you can always explain in your listing that you will post the item out once funds have cleared into your bank account.

You can have your items up for sale on ebay in under 15minutes ( once you get a bit handy at it ).

You have choice of listing your item as an auction where people can bid. Now a top tip I can give you if you wish to sell your item as an auction is list your item for 7 or 10 days which will generate good volumes of traffic and when you list the item make sure you list it in the evening, 8pm - 11pm as this is when has a large amount of users are online. Also try to get the item to finish on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, these I have found to be the best days for auctions to finish on. If you want to list for 7 days its simple just start your listing on any of these days and they will finsh exactley a week later. If you want to do 10days to make sure you get as much traffic as possible, list your item on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening.

The other option you can have to sell your item is to list it as a buy it now. This is where you set a price for what you want to sell the item for if someone likes the price they can buy the item immeadiately. I have sold items on ebay within in minutes using buy it nows.

You can almost sell anything on ebay and you'll be suprised at how much items go for. I've used ebay to sell items to pay for my holidays just with stuff I have accumulated over the years. If you need cash fast then I'd say ebay is the best solution. ebay is so easy and simple to use, you can be very good at making extra money online in a very short space of time.

So get your self an account on eBay and start making some money!

Once you've got to grips to with buying a selling on eBay, theres a business opportunity you can start with very little start up capital, which with some hard work could see you working at home permenantly.


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