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Start an Investing Club

Updated on July 14, 2009

If you enjoy games that require significant thinking and complex moves, you will love "playing the stock market."

Joining an investing club is as easy as searching one out and finding the style that interests you. Or, you might wish to start your own club so you You might have extra cash and don't mind taking some risk. Or, perhaps you would rather take the less risky road and attempt a sure but lower profit by investing in steady but slow performers.

there is litterly something for everyone, as the new markets cater to the smaller investors. If you want to direct the club or otherwise have a little more say and interaction with others, start your own investing clud. Decide what you want to accomplish and stay within that framework.

Are you looking for dividends? Fewer buys and more consolidated sectors you would find in an exchange traded fund. these trade like stocks with lower fees and run the gamut from low cap stocks to foreign, emerging markets.. These are called exchange traded funds. ETF's, as they are called , have the advantage of mobility and quick turn around with logw costs and easy to understand fundamentals.

Many stocks and funds have tax advantages that the investor finds necessary to balance what is owed to the IRS. Investors receive tax advantages if a stock is held for a long enough period to qualify. these advantages can be significant.

It's better to know who you have in your club, keeping it within reasonable size and your ability to handle the ins and outs of paperwork, getting the charter, and establishing rules of membership and investing.

Make it easier and set a minimujm membership period at a year to stop investors from jumping in and out. Buy Investors Business Daily, look up on Motly Fool the way a group votes on stocks, and you are on your way.

Be sure you remember, It's supposed to be fun!


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    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 8 years ago from california

      Looking under Yahoo Search, there are any number of listings under Stock Investment Club. It would be well to read how some of these clubs work and also the information on tax responsibility.