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How To Have Money Saved At The End Of The Month

Updated on June 25, 2017

Sound Familiar?

A week or two before payday you notice you are running low on your money.You feel a little frantic and try to budget the rest of it so you dont run out too soon.You end up forgetting then one morning you go to get gas before work and realize you only have $5, and there are two days until payday.

Save Your Change

Everytime you make a purchase with cash,set the change aside,the medal change.And put it in a piggy bank at home.If you do this everytime, for one month you will end up having about 10% of the amount your paycheck was.

Try not to dip into it before the month is up,and make sure all medal change gets set aside, do not make it with other purchases.

You can also get a piggy bank and put a $1 in it everyday.At the end of the month you have saved $30! So imagine doing that, plus putting your change in a piggy bank.The money really adds up when you think about it.

Saving Cans

Try to save all the cans that your household accumulates.If your family is a bunch of soda drinkers, you should have a pretty hefty amount.You should also only turn your cans in once a month.

If you know anyone who could care less then to turn in there cans, and they just want to get ride of them.You can offer to take them off their hands.Or even offer to take them in and you get a portion of the money since you had to drive to go do it.


Yard Sale

Spend some time going through your old stuff, looking for what you aren't using anymore.

Just because you don't need it, doesn't mean someone else wont.

What you should look for:

  • Baby clothes
  • Your old clothes
  • Toys
  • Hanger's
  • Blankets
  • Arts & Crafts Stuff
  • Organizational Tubs
  • Ice chests
  • Fishing poles etc


Selling Your Stuff On Facebook,Letgo etc

You can sell your stuff online just like you would if you were to have a yard sale. When selling online you can make more money then a yard sale. The only downside is that instead of just writing down the price on a piece of painter's tape, you have to create a title along with the description and add a photo, or multiple photo's of the item you are trying to sell.

The most popular items for sell on Letgo and Facebook are:

  • Clothing
  • Electronics (Computers/Laptops, Tablets, Cellphones etc)
  • Gaming Systems (Xbox,Playstation,Nintendo DS etc)
  • Bicycles
  • Furniture (Beds,Nightstands,Bookshelves,File Cabinets,China Cabinets etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Childrens Items (Unopened Diapers,Baby Clothes,Walkers,Cribs,Toddler beds,Toys etc.)
  • DVD's
  • Power Tools
  • Pet Stuff
  • Home Decor
  • Garden Decor
  • Sport Supplies (Basketballs,Soccer Balls,Ski's,Snowboards

Sell Your Gold

If you have any gold to sell, this is an option for you.If you have alot of gold, maybe just sell a piece every month.You are more likely to spend all the money before your payday, just like your paycheck. And the point is to have cash stashed for the end of the month.

You can try pawnshops to see how much they would pay for your gold, or go online and see what their normal rate is.

I Hope These Help

I know the tips are a little short, but there was no need to draw out what I needed to say.But I use these techniques and now sharing them with you because they worked so good.

© 2012 Alecia Brown


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