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Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Updated on November 20, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Steps To Achieving Your Goals.
Steps To Achieving Your Goals.

Where Do I Start?

This question has been asked millions of times by individuals who plan on achieving some kind of goal. Whether that goal be short or long term. Well, you first start by believing in yourself. Whatever is your life desire, whatever achievements you want to make happen within your life, you must start with a positive attitude and self belief in that you can make it happen. Remember, if you do not believe in your own self no one else will believe in you. Kick the negative attitude away. Tell yourself that whatever you want is attainable. Do not look at what you don't have now to start your goal, but look at what you will need to begin steps to achieving success.

A positive mind works great with the energy of the earth. Think positive and positive energy will draw to you and flow within your mind. Thoughts are quite powerful indeed, remember, what a man think, so is he. Don't think failure, think success. You will find obstacles, you will encounter problems. But a positive mind will think solutions. You can be your greatest strength and also your biggest downfall. So gravitate towards positive thinking and begin your journey towards achieving your goals.

Believe in You!

Steps in Achieving Your Goals.
Steps in Achieving Your Goals.

1. Have a Vision.

Some of the greatest achievements in all of mankind started with a vision. And for the most parts, those visions normally start small and then emerge into Mammoth achievements. In order for you to really be successful in achieving your goals, what is the vision you have why you want to achieve those goals? So let us say you vision a world crime free in the next 25 years. That is what you want to see happen, that is your vision. Now how you go about making your vision a reality is a whole different ball game. But you must conceive something in mind first in order to achieve anything tangible. Your vision sets the presidency. It is what you will work for. Your vision may be a concept, an idea or a law you wish to see passed. Write down your vision. Make it your everyday mantra. Have that vision plastered in a nice cozy place in your brain. Make it your morning coffee and your evening tea. Once you do that, you will always have that vim, vigor and vitality to see your vision become a reality.

2.Make a Plan of Achievement in Stages.

Don't move towards your vision without first making a road map on how this vision will be achieved. There will be steps and stages when working towards any goal. Outline all areas in which you need to step to reach the holy grail. Take this scenario for example: A man sets out to become the top ice sculpture in the world. His vision is to make an entire City of Ice Sculptures. What is this man's first step to achieve this goal?

  • Enrolled in some artistic class and have studied the art of ice sculpting.
  • Understanding the properties of Ice and what you can and cannot do to it.
  • Practice ice sculpting.
  • Master the art of Ice sculpting
  • Getting Recognition (Put your ice sculptures on display)
  • Creating Links and Contacts within the ic sculpting circles.
  • Having your work Internationally Recognized
  • Create a Brand for your self.
  • Create sculpture of the city.

For every goal that you want to achieve, there must be stages of the plan you will need to go through. There are no shortcuts to achieving real success. You make your road map, you create your routine and stick with it to the very end. The map to success sometimes will come with glitches and itches. But those are just some hurdles that you need to jump and all successful people have faced them.

3. Don't Assume.

As the saying goes, an assumption can make and ass out of you. Many visions have fallen apart because of this simple word, assumption. Never assume that this will be a particular way. Know that they will. If life was simply based on assumptions the entire nation would be living in chaos. Assumption has no place in a vision, in your plans and it will mess up your achievements. Remember, an assumption is basically a lie spelled differently. Don't lie to yourself when making plans for your goals. It will mislead you and throw you off target in the snap of a finger. Always try to be in real time thinking. Deal with facts, accept truth and you will be steadfast on your way.

Steps To Achieve Goals
Steps To Achieve Goals

4. Commit To Sacrifice

A lamb on a slab will not do. Most times, achieving any kind of goal comes with making some kind of sacrifice. And a sacrifice generally means giving up something to get something, kind of like a barter to oneself. What will your sacrifice be? Well it be a tighter budget? Or will it be sending less time with your friends partying so you have more time to read. Time is of essence when it comes on to goal achievements. And if you do not put in the right amount of time needed to create any kind of impact. You will find that your vision begins to get blur and your achievements begin to look dismal. But the great thing about this is the choice is always yours! Do you want to get the ball rolling or do you want to sit and watch the ball rolling away from you? Commit yourself to your goals. Commit to sacrifice and you will find victory.

5. Pay Attention To Comments.

What I have learned from my own experiences in achieving my own goals is that you will have people that will say bad things about you and you will have people that will say good things about you. You simply cannot get rid of bad talk even when they are not true. That is how the world is and that is how people are made up. The best thing is to hear both comments but focus on the positive ones. But listen very carefully now, some negative comments are worth listening to in anything you do. The reason being is that sometimes negative comments speak truth and they can help you make positive adjustments to achieve your set goals. And sometimes praise without due scrutiny will make you end up with a false sense of security.

6. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For help

Never be afraid to genuinely ask for help. Help is a word that is so powerful. Help is connected in our everyday life activities.The driver helps the young man by just waiting 10 more seconds while he runs to catch the bus. The boy is successful at an interview and works hard and becomes director. The bus drivers son now seeks a job at the same company the young man who was running to catch the bus. The director somehow has a natural liking for the boy and employs him despite not having all academic qualification. Helps is a circle that is unbroken and unbound. Sometimes the rut we get in we can easily get out of by just asking for help.

7. Make Friends With Productive People

A lot of time when I tell people this, the first question flung at me is what about the old party pals? Do you ditch them for new goal oriented people? The shortest answer I can give you is no. You don't have to ditch your old friends. You just need people around you with the right kind of energy and attitude that directly or indirectly helps you to stay focus and reach your goals. If your current party pals are of those caliber, well you are in good standings. But if you have friends who just see life as one big cannabis party, you need a new realignment.

8. Never Give up or Loose Focus

The race is not for the swift but for those with good endurance. In today's world everyone wants things done fast. Even if it is not done properly. Take your time to master your craft and move in good pace. Don't give up if things slow down or if an hurdle comes your way you believe that you don't have the resources to cross. Sometimes a period of break is good to rest and refocus your energy and to strategize even better. But at the end, you envisioned a goal. You outlined your road-map. You stuck to your plan and you stay committed to your achievements.

You Can Do It.

Just Start!

© 2018 Clive Williams


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