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Stewardology: Introduction

Updated on September 15, 2013

What is Stewardology?

My reason for writing these articles begins with a passion, actually a combination of a couple passions. I grew up playing tennis, and had a great time and still do playing the game, but much more than that was teaching the game. There has always been a misconception about great athletes by default make great coaches or teachers. I have found that is hardly ever the case. Most gifted athletes, well they have a gift. Now try to teach someone who does not have the same gift to “do what I do”. Many successful athletes have an instinct for the game, and it comes easy, but on the same hand makes it harder for them to explain and teach the game. I found not only an understanding of tennis, but also a growing skill of being able to explain and interpret, teach and guide students to improve their game. I have always enjoyed teaching tennis, and have aspirations of teaching it as a hobby and one form of income in the future.

My other passion has been personal finance. Money is a universal language and it fascinates me how everyone views, earns and uses money differently. I have different insurance licenses, and an MBA in finance, and I feel my education is just beginning, but I have all of these ideas, tips, theories, techniques and advice that I feel compelled to share. So I have found combining my drive to teach and my fascination with personal finance has lead to sharing my knowledge in hopes to help others, give advice, and challenge our ideas and habits when it comes to money.

Stewardology? Why the strange title? My first thought is that if we can approach money with a different mindset that will put us in a state ready to effectively accumulate, efficiently have, and purposefully use the money we have that will be the greatest step towards proper stewardship. The general definition of a steward is someone who manages another’s property or finances. My view is that we are all stewards of what we have on this earth, and that we do not keep any of it when it is all said and done. It has become a way of thinking for me that if we are “borrowing” what we have, we need to take care of it and use it properly, much like borrowing a tool from your neighbor, you respect and take care of it so it is returned in its same condition as you first had it. By simply having that mindset, you can begin to see how it is not how much can we accumulate, and how much can we earn, and how expensive our car or house is. It becomes how good are you at respecting what you have, and how efficient are you getting, saving and using your money. Another simple question is to ask, if you were completely in charge of another person’s finances for a year, how would you handle them? Would leave them better or worse off? Would you teach good habits and practices or just completely do it yourself.

The title means “The Study (“Ology”) of the managing of your (but not really yours) finances (Steward). My goal is to simply pass along what I have learned. I will not preach, but objectively describe ways you can drastically and immediately change the way you earn money, save money, and spend money in a straight forward way.

So enjoy! Please do not hesitate to send me an email with questions, comments, or recommendations on topics, or ask about my view on certain subjects surrounding Stewardology. For more information covering anything on personal fiance, visit my blog at


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