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Stock Screener, How to buy shares with a safety device.

Updated on February 8, 2014
YES! Stock Cubes
YES! Stock Cubes | Source

The internet is the best thing that could have happened for private investors.

People must realize how the internet has revolutionized the private investors ability to research company's. The amount of information you can now access compared to 15 years ago is truly amazing. Trading on the stock market is all about researching the companies your thinking of investing in; that's research, research, research, and before the internet came along the private investor didn't stand a chance.
Companies are giving yearly and interim results, announcing contract wins, declaring when directors are buying shares, all within minutes of the actions taking place.

You can watch the rise and fall in a share price by the second, look back at a full trading history of earns and profit over five years and beyond.

All this is gold to the private investor; in the past, you requested a company's results by post and the whole thing could take a week to come through, that's if they wanted to send you them.

You'll need a Broker

That first compelling statement I read in the Investors Chronicle as now become 100 times more powerful.

I've been dealing on the stock market for 13 years, nothing big at the beginning, to scared I suppose.

I'd popped into the local supermarket, with my wife, for a few things on the way home. Now as we know when we men go to the supermarket were in and out in 5 minutes; but the girls start picking things up and looking at them, like budgie seed when there's no budgie, you know what their like.

So I ended up perusing the magazine stand where I happen to pick up the Investors Chronicle. Just flicking through, the pages fell open at an article that read:
'A Private Investor is in a much better position to make money than a fund manager'.
I knew nothing about shares, but I kind of had an idea what a fund manager was.
I read a few paragraphs, it was interesting, so I bought the magazine.
I read the magazine.
Bought a book that was recommended in the magazine.
Half read the book; then opened an 'Execution Only Account' with a broker and thought I'm ready.

I bought 300 shares which cost around £150.00 with trading fees.

The only thing I had to monitor my progress with any degree of consistency was teletext. Not knowing it only updated three times a day I was looking at the T.V. every five minutes. .

I remember so clearly, the shares went down 1p. I felt as sick, oh no what had I done, the wife's going to kill me!

Six months down the line the shares had gone up and I was £50.00 in the black, but the same feeling was still there. This is it, should I sell! What should I do! How do I sell, I only new how to buy.

I sold making £52.00, but I was drained, I felt like going for a lie down; what a wimp .

Which one would you choose

Here you see just three screens; most will award points out of ten to each company, however the points awarded for cash is the cash amount it's self.

Company No1 has five points because it's debt is under 50%.
No 2 is awarded no points because it's debt is over 50% and with no debt at all company No 3 is awarded top marks 10.
Two of the company's directors are buying shares so they get another 10 points.

Directors Buying
Total Points
0.2 Million

It's not that simple

No it's not, but put these companies through another 22 screens and you'll see just how simple it really is.

The next hub in the series will introduce you to the first two screens, The Independent Story and the 'CEO's Statement'


As I said, I've been trading on the stock market for the last 13 years and using this process has worked for me, but I must declare at this point that I am not a professional investor.

I do not work for any kind of investment house and the information you find in these hubs are not share tips and does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation.

I'm merely showing you a procedure, a tool if you wish, that will help you in the process of eliminating bad shares and pushing good growth shares to the front of your research.

Shares can go up and down, and carry the risk of loss.

Big Tip for finding the latest's information you may have missed on the company your researching.

If you haven't done so already open a Google account it costs nothing and there's some great tools in there. Actions speak louder than words so here's a little video to show you how to set it up:


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